Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All the Things that Kick Ass, Today

Since I am seriously lacking inspiration to contrive an awesome story, I am going to follow suit with a few posts I’ve read recently and create my list of all the stuff I am thankful, grateful and happy to have in my life. By no means is this list complete, in fact it will probably change tomorrow as I tend to enjoy expanding and contracting with the current flow of the day. But since it is still today, here goes nothing (in no particular order of course).

The notebook and pen that I always have with me
Amazing friends
Fruit smoothies
The beach
Flip flops
Pasta salad
Corn on the cob (buttered and salted) with a beer on the back deck
Matt loving me despite the fact that I am a cranky bitch in the morning
Matt loving me despite the fact that I am a cranky bitch, period sometimes
Summer veggies
Dinners and laughing all night with family
My sharp mind
Inspiration in little everyday things
A full belly
Pictures from great days spent with great people
A steady hand even after cutting in 2500 square feet of ceiling
The ability to read and write
Writing that I am recoculously proud of having done
Quiet days alone
Evening walks around the neighborhood
The Farmer’s Market
Freshly washed sheets and towels
Snuggly sweatshirts on chilly nights
Snuggly snuggles on warm, or chilly, nights
Being open to new experiences
Hardwood floors
A roof over my head and a bed to sleep in every night
All six of my senses
Hot showers with a low flow shower head
Everyone who reads my blog
Everyone who writes a blog that I love to read
Having the coolest sister on the planet
Anxious excitement for an upcoming road trip
Seeing two amazing musicians smack in the middle of that road trip
Travel and exploration
Feeling grounded at home
Everything Else


Audrey said...

That's a really long list! Might have to try and make one too.
I'm with you on the liking smoothies. If it wasn't cool, rainy and dreary I might just make one!

ginger said...

i love your list...i love that we all do them and feel better for it when we can't think of anything else to write.

speaking of notebooks and pens...i just bought a new one today because my current recipe journal is almost done for. :)

will you be passing through colorado on your trip? i don't remember.

Bree said...

All six of my senses

I love this one! It's like you have ESPN or something.

maryhanks said...

having chickens ---live ones who lay eggs for me
reading recipes

Curtis Collectables :) said...

That is an inspirational list. Glad to hear that others are grateful and yet reminds me that I should be more grateful for the little things. Thanks.

Chris Stone said...

Enjoy your road trip! Sounds like you are ready for a good time then, and in the meantime also!

Almost Precious said...

Love the list.
So many little things we never take time to think about, but without them life would be dull and very dreary. Lives are filled with small blessings, trivial things but take a few and add them together and they equal a big thing. How many big things, truly big things do we have in our lives ? Things like; faith, hope, love, happiness and good health ?
yeah,I agree, let's be grateful for all those wonderful "little things". :)

Theresa said...

Your list was beautiful and totally true. Thanks!

Karen said...

Great list. We should all do this every once in a while just to remind ourselves how blessed we are.

Joan said...

Yes, so many things to be thankful for. I will be thinking of all of mine. :)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Glad you all enjoyed the list :-) I always feel like its a cop out post when I do this but then again it is a good thing to go and consciously think about and make note of all the things that rock. Always good to have the reminder.

Colorado...hmmm, not on the itinerary...well not yet anyway!