Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stuck in Your Head All Day

When I woke up this morning I thought to myself how nice it would be to go back to bed for like three hours, which is something I never do. As much as I do not enjoy getting up with that alarm, the minute my eyes open, I am awake for the day. I tend not to nap during the day, even when I am sick, and although I am up early-ish every day, it is typical I stay up until midnight or later. I refuse to miss anything and it has been that way since I was a kid. This is how I came to love cheezy, syndicated, television programs like Hawaii Five-0.

Back so many years I can barely remember the actual time frame, but somewhere around age eleven, I would fall asleep with the television on. My sister and I shared a room and she would be snoozing away while I laid wide eyed and transfixed on the Hawaiian State Police force catching the bad guys at 1:00 in the morning. Right from the opening credits it had everything -- a catchy theme song, hula girls, lava, big waves and of course the freeze frame of Jack Lord. Hawaii Five-0 was the show that paved the way for programs like Law & Order, Miami Vice and all those fast paced forensic shows like NCIS. In fact, the leading men on Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS had quite a bit in common.

On NCIS Mark Harmon plays Jethro Gibbs, a former Marine with a propensity to scowl for the full hour episode, but you love his gruffness because it is understood that although his past is something that hardened him as a man, he is a softie for the ones he loves. Touching. On Hawaii Five-0, Jack Lord played former Navy officer Steve McGarrett. He too had a tendency to avoid smiling unless absolutely necessary and almost always wore a full suit but he did a whole lot of running if I recall correctly. And Jack had much better hair.

After staying up most nights to watch it there is no doubt how I became fascinated with all the wonders Hawaii has to offer from towering waves and picturesque waterfalls to live volcanos and breathtaking sunsets. I would imagine being able to move my hips like a hula girl or having the guts to surf triple overhead. My renewed fascination with the show brought a resurgence of the interest in learning to surf.

I have wanted to try my hand at surfing since I was about eleven, back then it looked like a cool sport to try and I had no fear of the ocean because I had learned how to swim at such a young age. I can not remember when I found out but my dad used to surf in Humarock every summer; he has this amazing handmade wooden board just begging to be ridden again on the wall of the beach house in the basement.

Every year when we go on vacation with S&B to Martha’s Vineyard, B is boogie boarding but there are always a few surfers out there on longboards, catching the same small waves but looking like they are having a blast doing it. This year I decided, since we are going so late in the season (September instead of our usual July), the ocean will have warmed up significantly and it is the year I need to try gliding on water. In the spirit of not holding back, trying new things, and wanting to get into better shape, it seems like the right thing to do. And finally feels like the right time to do it too.

No question I will sleep like a baby after a day of salt air, falling over, and paddling. I’ll use the theme songs to Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS as my motivation to amp up. I don’t even care if I never stand up but I am sure going to give it my best shot.


Chris said...

All I know about Hawaii Five-O is the theme song and "Book 'em, Danno." Never watched an episode, I don't think. I was a Brady Bunch kid.

Rosebud Collection said...

Always enjoyed Hawaii Five-O..
Just a little remark about your other blog..I think everyone has to have a day to feel low..how would we ever know what it is to feel up, if we didn't..good you write it out..good for the soul.

ginger said...

now it's stuck in my head too, haha! i used to have the theme song as a ring tone, but it always got stuck in my head so i had to change it.

i'll bet you rock at surfing jenn!

Karen said...

Sounds like an adventure! Have fun :)

Audrey said...

I remember when Hawaii Five-0 was on - but don't remember much about the show. We like to watch NCIS, and all the CSI's (except NY), Numbers is another good show. I'm an early riser as apposed to staying up late. 10pm is my limit usually.

Almost Precious said...

Yes there is something about being out doors and in the water all day that makes one sleep very soundly at night.
Wow, I don't know how you manage to maintain 2 blogs...I can bearly keep up with 1!

spottedwolf said...

I love you desperately........after noticing you and Breeze couldn't see the image I re-did the post. Then I came here after seeing what you said on the other post...I think you will enjoy going back there now and reading what I wrote....and you should be able to see the pic..

Love ya Hon...

Theresa said...

I also have the theme to Hawaii Five-O as one my ring tones. I loved that show! Thanks for bringing back the memories.

Have a blast surfing!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Ooh the theme song as a ring tone? Oh yes, I'll be looking into that right away. Can see it now, every time the phone rings I'll pretend to be surfing on pavement; its all about embracing the inner dork.

Book 'em Danno -- one of the most classic lines ever and 12 seasons of it to boot yesssss!

Almost Precious said...

Jenn - Thank you for your thoughtful comment...I posted a reply on my blog but I'll also post it here for you (in case you can't get over to see it). Anna

Jenn - Thank you for your offer of advice and tips, I appreciate it and think that is so kind and sweet of you. I may just take you up on it. Right now I haven't decided how I want to finish the table. Though the plywood skins look okay in their photos they have a lot of grooves, gouges and holes that will require filling...not to mention the very unsightly layered edges that show where each piece was cut. With a quarter inch sheet of ply it is almost impossible to cut a beveled edge that can be mitered, so John just made straight cuts. I'll check out the home improvement stores and try to get some ideas and let you know what I decide. Thanks again you're a real sweetie :)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Ah, so that's why you were always so tired in the morning - stayin' up watchin' 5-O.
Thanks for the memory!
One more good show is "Bones" on Fox.
Love you, Mum

Maggie May said...

nooo how could you do this to me!! now i'll hear this for days!