Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sluggish Alteration

You came to me again last night
Told me exactly what to do
It is as if the universe is taunting
Does veracity exist in this reality?

My teeth are soft and
My belly is worn out.
Smoke fills my lungs.
Weakness takes over;
Too easily strung out to notice
The gaping holes that fill my face.

She is no longer smiling back at me,
This youth has vanished
Grown to a disproportionate level.
But I want to do it anyway.

There is no way to stop it
I am buried way too deep now.
Underground and screaming
The caving sinks through to my spine
I tingle but my abandoned soul
Refuses to face any truth.

Nothing will change until I do,
But trapped within there is an
Impossible cycle of viciousness
That I lay upon my own desire.

I am far from over my Self but
Far away from past indiscretions.


Theresa said...



You go Deep & Dark.

May I offer your Self a sip of Clove & Cinnamon..? just to stir up the the tummy and perk up the mind.

Joan said...

Once in a while we just need to have some diversion. It does not define us. Beautifully writen.
Thank you again! :)

ginger said...

holy..effing..shit jenn!

i want to appluad you and give you a ginormous hug right now.

spottedwolf said...

you start pulling that frustrated cancerian crap and I'm gonna post one dark MF for you....nothing like feeling alone...what set it off???

Rosebud Collection said...

What is up? Wonderful writing and always good for the soul..When I read something like this, I wonder what is going on with you..

spottedwolf said...

Jennifer...I am in stiches :-0