Saturday, June 6, 2009

Presented with an Award, and Passing It On

Anna over at Almost Precious surprised me with this award today. What a cool way to wake up this morning, woo hoo! Her comments on why she awarded this to me were so sweet:
Was wowed by your new Blog is awesome...even though you say it isn't completed yet! Since I just received the "Kreativ Blogger" award and one of its requirements is to pass it on to other bloggers that I love and feel are creative, I chose you. Should you choose to accept this award just visit my blog to download the award plaque and follow the list of simple requirements.

Wow Anna, thanks so much! I enjoy her blog a lot and hope everyone gets a chance to check her out.

So here’s the skinny on the rules.

1. Put the award on your blog.

2. Link to the person you got the award from.

3. List seven things you love.
The ocean and
The beach it washes up on
The smell of asphalt after summer rain
Live music
Sleeping in on the weekend
Strong coffee
Random road trips
(Please note I would have included Matt of course but it asked for "things")

The final two rules are where I always have trouble, generally I do not want to pick and choose between the awesome blogs I read because, well, look at the length of that sidebar list…I love them all and hate to play favorites. But this time I am going to suck it up and follow through because that’s just who I am today.

In the spirit of spreading the love I am going to feature some oldies but goodies and also a few of the newer blogs I have discovered, maybe you will like them too! So let’s get it going shall we?

4. Award it to seven blogs.
Audrey’s Country Crafts - I love reading Audrey’s stories about the great outdoors and she sneaks in fun environmental stuff with great online shop reviews and links to so much drool worthy stuff I could read her blog all day!
Grandma’s Recipe Box - Joan is a newer foodie blogger I have been reading but she has not let me down yet. Tasty recipes in about five steps or less, now that’s my kind of cooking!
Living Boldly - I enjoy Helen’s take on life and she always has some amazing photos to share with us. The Pacific Northwest is always beautiful through her eyes!
Maugeritaville - Chris works in the school system. Imagine how many stories that will produce. He is hilarious and one of the most gifted story tellers I have come across in a while. Seriously, read this blog now.
Karen Cooks - Karen will make just about anything from simple to complicated but explains it in a way that keeps even me calm in the kitchen. And there is always a photo guide so I know I don’t screw up. And it is always yummy.
Amazed and Confused - Ginger’s new blog is chock full of Shadow Shots and amazing prose. She is truly a gifted writer, get over there, you will not be disappointed.
Freshness Factor Five Thousand - A kick ass musician, I am always in awe at Jason’s ability to reveal his true self on his blog. Dork. Writer. Photographer. World Traveler who loves to share. Nice.

5. Tell recipients they got an award.
I am off to do that now.

Well with the exception of Jason. In no universe could I imagine him opening that can of worms (you know accepting a blog award from some random stranger who is a fan of his then posting it on his blog that he received it and linking back to that total stranger’s blog). In essence we are all total strangers if we have never really met, yes I agree this is true but all you other fine strangers have engaged in two sided conversations in the past and for that I am truly grateful and blessed.

Thanks for always rocking fearless writers! Now go put your award on your blog and by all means enjoy it.


Chris said...

Thanks, Jenn! I appreciate the mention. I guess I'll have to play along.

Joan said...

Thank you, Jenn. You have been so kind to me. :) I will do my best with this.

Helen said...

Thank you so much Ms. Jenn .... this is going right onto my sidebar to be treasured!!!!

I'm not good about passing awards on so I'm just going to be selfish and keep it!

Karen said...

Thanks, Jenn! Appreciate the link love and the award!

Almost Precious said...

Jenn -
Enjoy your truly deserve it...and it does look cool on a gadget on one's sidebar :)

I also really appreciate your visiting my blog, it is nice to know there are a few "estians" that don't have etsy on the brain 24/7 ;)

Audrey said...

Thanks so much for the award!! I actually received this one a while back, but I'm glad to hear you enjoy my blog. I really like reading yours too!!

Chris Stone said...

Congrats on the reward! nice timing with the new blog look! and again, great new look!

ginger said...

oh, thank you! you are so sweet! it's been a slow progression, but i think the new blog is starting to develop a soul of its own, so i'm glad you like it. :)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I felt like getting a little link love out there so enjoy your awesome awards everyone and do with them as you wish :-)

Anna, yup, in fact I almost never talk about my shop. Perhaps that is why I almost never sell anything? lol

It is rare that I play along with these little lovelies Helen so I completely understand & Audrey I thought I saw that at the bottom of the blog, you are doubly creative (sorry, Kreativ haha)

Rosebud Collection said...

Congrats. to you sure do deserve it..Love the new set up..pretty colors and as I said did real good..
Have a great day.