Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hey, Hey... My Calves are on Fire

Luckily I am able to borrow some internet access from a completely generous neighbor. When I find out who they are I am fully intending to pay them back by inviting them over for a yummy cookout later this summer. Nothing like meeting neighbors even if it is just through their network name right now. Thanks neighbor, there is a burger over here with your name on it.

So we’re in and settled. Spent the past couple days unpacking & arranging, what do they call this, nesting or something? Or is that only when one is having a baby? I don’t know what they call it but I call it awesome. I have some photos and when I have my snazzy desktop computer all hooked up and legally operational I promise to share. One of the best is of my mom, dancing with the lampshade on her head. Then again that one might not be approved for public viewing.

Last night we wrapped up everything by heading back over to the Valley of Despair one last time to give the old place the white glove power wash. OK in all fairness even after two hours that glove would not be white so let’s say the light grey glove. It was left nicer than we found it, and we even left our never used George Foreman grill behind with a welcome to the ‘hood note for the new tenants. Hope they like it!

Since the old apartment was a third floor there were a whole lot of stairs involved and I’ve been looking for my walker, you know, the one with front wheels so I can lean and hobble. That’s pretty much all I’m doing anyway. I’d mack it out all old lady style and go with the gutted tennis ball on the foot of the back leg. Better traction that way. The torture I put my calves through was brutal the past few days; if my legs were on the menu they would so be the shank -- just put me in a pot and stir me into soup, seriously.

Sorry body but it was all worth it when I ran my first load of dishes last night.

Then this afternoon I ran out and got the two things I always replace everywhere I live -- the toilet seat and the shower head. Both of which I feel it is inherently wrong to use someone else’s. Then at the end of the week I will be acquiring the two things I think are most necessary anywhere -- a fire extinguisher and renter’s insurance. Both of which I would be totally screwed if I had to use and didn’t have them. In fact one of those has gotten some use once and is why I need a new one now. Huh, now that’s a fun story, will have to share that one next week.

Now life can go back to its normal lame day to day of writing. Thank goodness, I seriously dislike stuff being strewn all over the place, world in chaos, drama of living between apartments with most day to day stuff being packed. Not that anyone would ever know that with all the moving I have done in my life.

By next week I should be back in full swing and am totally looking forward to catching up with reading and writing to everyone. Funny thing, I pretty much only miss the world of bloglandia, the others are fun but they don’t hold a candle to this. Hope you’re all having a swell week and can’t wait to read all of your life updates soon!



Simmer down now, Gypsy Queen! ;P
Be well.

Maggie May said...

Free internet! Yay!

Joan said...

So glad your happy in your new home!
I have a girlfriend whose husband actually used a white glove. Can you imagine!!!! Needless to say, they are not together any more.

Audrey said...

Congrats on the new place!!

Suldog said...

Yes, definitely get some photos up here (including any of you macking it old-lady style :-) )

Karen said...

I want to see the lampshade pic! :)

Bridgete said...

Can't wait for the photos and for your return! Glad you found some generous neighbors. I still haven't figured out who my generous neighbors are but I also borrowed internet for a week or so after moving in. Their network name wasn't all that creative though so it makes my job rather tough.

pastrywitch said...

That in-limbo stage is very frustrating. I once packed every cooking and eating utensil two days before I actually moved - that was when I learned the value of obsessive labelling.
Hopefully your calves will relax soon :)

Almost Precious said...

Glad you're moved in and pretty much settled. Know it will take a little time to get things put just where you want them. I've been known to rearrange furniture several times a month before I came up with a configuration that suited me. Sorry about the calves and sore muscles, but you're young, you'll heal. A couple of glasses of wine should help.:)

Rosebud Collection said...

So happy you are in your new place..What a wonderful feeling that must be.
This weather is sinking me. I can't believe June is gone and it is still raining, off and on.
No matter if you are getting rain, you have a happy place, rain or no rain.
Best of luck to you both and many blessings in your new home.