Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Broken Thought Process Thursday a Little Early

By the time I’m done rambling out this crazy stream of consciousness it will be close to Thursday on the East Coast. Though I really dislike the expression, “its Thursday somewhere!” applies. Hey wait, that’s right; it already is Thursday in Japan. Sweet, I’m covered.

I wrapped up my kitchen job today and although I did not find the exact liner I had posted the other day the one I got worked awesome. Tomorrow after getting back from mailing the check for our first month’s rent at the new place (in ten-ish days), I plan to work up a nice HubPage with a photo ‘how to’ tutorial for how I installed it. Could not be easier and really made all the difference on those impractical wire shelves.

So I always seem to look at the clock at two times during the day -- 9:11 and 11:11. I have looked into the 11:11 phenomenon and from what I read it has something to do with moving forward. I could be inferring it all wrong of course but that is what I get out of the things I have read. It makes me happy to think that but I also want to say well duh because aren’t we always moving forward? I mean as long as we are living there is allegedly no turning back so forward is really the only way to go. It isn’t as if digital clocks have been around forever and maybe there is nothing at all to any of it but all I know is since I can remember my favorite number has been 11 so I’m going to relish in the thought that I get a little extra propulsion every day.

Something that has been bugging me lately is that I have this recoculously huge vocabulary but for some reason I have decided it isn’t cool to show off my chops. I hide it behind myself and never pull out the fifty cent words in casual conversation even if it is right there on the tip of my tongue and I know full well the person I am talking to is going to understand either the meaning of the word itself or at least the context surrounding it. I keep questioning why I do this. Is there a such thing as fear of intellect? Do I hold myself down? Or back on purpose? Hmmm, food for thought.

A week or so ago I joined twitter. Yes that’s right, because I was so desperately needing to maintain yet another online tool. Online tool. Yup, I think I’m feeling like one right about now. There is an entire world of new language and terms I have to learn. I said to a fellow tweeter that I feel like I’m speaking Smurf now:

“Can you Smurf to the other side of the mall and Smurf me up?”

I looked to my all time favorite Google for help deciphering all of these things I couldn’t figure out on my own and man is there ever a shitload of websites dedicated to this one! I have a lot of reading to do just to get through the basics. So far it is fun and even though it might sound strange coming from a wordy mo-fo like me, I kind of enjoy the challenge of limiting myself to a shortened number of characters to express the same sentiment. It is as if I always write prose with 600 words and suddenly decide to toss out a haiku. In fact that sounds like a great idea.

An Ode to Vegetables Haiku:

Cauliflower or
Green squash and orange carrots.
Veggie medley. Yum!

OK seriously when I’m pulling out the haiku about carrots it is definitely time to consider a sleep aid on the insomnia weeks.

Actually this time around the insomnia isn’t entirely just me. The past couple nights I think there have either been some really hyper feral cats, or a couple raccoons I would not want to meet in a dark alley, scrapping at about midnight. And by scrapping I mean clawing the crap out of each other while screeching at the top of their lungs just outside the bedroom window. Needless to say there are reasons to not throw trash in the dumpster here after the sun goes down. There are also reasons to have an oscillating fan in the bedroom to help curtail the noise.

A short BTPT post this week, I kind of previewed this week’s rambling the other day when I posted the visual equivalent of five thousand words so I am kind of at a loss of randomness. OK not really but it is getting late and this has been a fairly long day so I am ready to pack it in. I will leave you on the happy note of a much better haiku.

Wild woodland creatures
Raise their voices, keep me up
What do they fight over?

Rockin Broken Thought Process Thursday Bloggers:



ginger said...

i so wish i could edit my comment so no one would know i spelled twitter wrong. (sigh)

ginger said...

awesome!...i vote for you to break out the $50 words now and then. i like looking things up so i can learn.

i think you're doing smurfy on twiiter. perhaps you should be known as twittersmurf. okay, that was cheesy.

i've been thinking about this post for tomorrow. i was going to do it today as well, but got distracted by brown rice that wanted to become a salad...and ncis.

Theresa said...

Congrats on finishing the remodel. It's weird but it seems like more often than not, I just happen to look at a clock when it's 3:33. I've heard good and bad about twitter. Let me now how you like it.

Chris said...

Never be afraid of your vocabulary, but don't force it. Ohterwise you sound like a bloviate narcissist.

Suldog said...

Recoculously. That's a magnilicent word!

Joan said...

Yes, use your words. If people don't understand, they can ask. I always like to learn new things.
Yay for your move!

Almost Precious said...

You will definitely need to do a follow up post in a few weeks regarding twitter. I tried it for a few days, found it made no sense, or I couldn't make any sense of it. Most of my followers were basically tweeting spam: "Look at my latest..." ; "Wow check out my newest..." ; "Purchase my mega vitamins and get 15% off..."; "Just listed..." On and on adnauseam. :\
post script : Thanks for the info you posted on my blog...I'll have to find a Sherwin Williams paint dealer and see what line they have in faux paint techniques. Also the title of a faux paint book or two would be much appreciated.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

recoculously? magnilicent?
Wow, you guys are so dedicated to writing now you seem to make up your own words.

Love the randomness of this post, and am enjoying your tweets as well.

Have you ever noticed 11/11 at 11:11:11? Wow, in a couple of years it can be 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 - hope something magical happens for you (or anytime at all).

SO much for my random comments. Love you, Mum

Bridgete said...

I used to be like that about using big words. Or just seeming "too smart" in general. But I kind of had to set all that aside when I became a law student. Vocabulary and intelligence kind of come with the territory. ;)

Yay for Twitter! I really enjoy the challenge of expressing myself within the 140 character limit. Always avoiding text abbreviations, because I despise them.

Rosebud Collection said...

At least you use real kids laugh at me, I make them up as I go and only they understand me. You know that Twitter thing..well, somehow I wanted to write a comment on someones pictures and had to sign up..I was so embarrassed, all these people got an invite from me to join Twitter..God, I don't even know what I am doing and how this happened. I will be banned for a computer soon, I can feel it coming.