Monday, May 4, 2009

You Are the Chic and I am the Dude

Ten years.
My mind holds onto
Exactly what you were wearing
Where we both stood and
The laughter we shared
For the brief moment we met.
It was like forever.
The world around us, fuzzy.
The least likely thing possible,
Suddenly, plausible.

The day we met;
It was not supposed to be.
When I got laid off,
When they “broke up”,
When she tried to fix you up,
When we came up to meet you.
I remember April.
Soon after that and
Now here we are, ten years later
May of 2009.
Absolutely nothing has changed,
But everything is different.

It is the times no one else can hear.
Those, I remember.
I could share, but never
In a way that anyone else
Could ever understand
It’s complexity, reality.
I don’t need a Magic 8 Ball to tell me that.

If I could have recorded
Every moment we have known each other
I would sit and watch it over again
While I laugh or cry. Or both.
Especially when I think back on
That angry chicken farmer,
And Laquisha,
Smoking butts in the diner.

When is our anniversary again?


Chris said...

Very nice. Still doesn't rhyme, though. :)

Maine-y-ac said...


Karen said...

Nice :)

Joan said...


Rosebud Collection said...

I think that is lovely..You know what, you are a soft touch...yep, and I mean that with love...

Chris Stone said...

very nice. love the rhythm.