Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tarred and Feathered

It is far too easy to keep it going,
To dust you off and pull it out.
There honestly would be nothing to it.
You are always just outside my door

But when I start to move toward you,
The voice inside asks me to wait.
Look both ways before I cross myself
Close that door and turn away.

Temptation has never
Really been my problem,
It’s more a lack of self-control.
So what is this appeal
That sprang alive today?
As if buried deep inside my core

I always want what I don’t have so
Like a spoiled child I stomp real loud.
But making a scene is just a ruse
Triumph actually frightens me to death.

In the end I succumb to it
Drag it out another day.
This shouldn’t be,
I need to know how I got back

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