Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Shock What This Post Is About Right?

The last day of May. The final post in the challenge I placed on myself the very first day of this month to post something every day. I like challenges. I like to write. It seemed like a perfect marriage of the two concepts and in reality it really was.

I learned a lot in this past month. Mostly about myself and the attitude I have toward writing, blogging specifically. After doing this it hit me that I really love to blog, it is nice to use this space as an extension of my journals. I like that this blog never had a set theme because it allows the flexibility to go all over the place without feeling weird about it. I can write like I have always loved to write, as if I am talking directly to you.

Yeah, you.

Unlike articles or my other blog, I write here for no other reason than to let all of you into my freaky little head. I like sharing a small part of my whacked out life with all of you and although I think most of you are crazy for enjoying reading about it, I am happy that you do. The funny thing is I think it is something I would do even if no one was reading it. I love writing in my journal but some days my stream of consciousness needs to be purged so fast that a pen just does not cut it. Some days those thoughts simply need to be forced through the keys.

Posting everyday was not always good, but not always bad either. Some things that I shared this month surprised me, other times I started out writing one thing and after three or four revisions it spawned into something completely different than the original. There were definitely days I had zero desire to put anything out there. Not just the migraine day but if you read me regularly it will be pretty easy to tell which posts were forced writing or cop out posts. On the flip side, my very favorite post from this month I wrote in fifteen minutes right after I woke up and barely edited before sharing it. This one came really easy too. Sometimes it just works out that way.

I have also enjoyed discovering new blogs this month as I tried to get out there a little more and connect with some folks of a similar mindset -- the more random the better it seemed. On top of that it was just wonderful to have an opportunity to read the people who I have grown to enjoy as a regular part of my day. Perhaps some people might find it odd that I enjoy getting my “news” from the land of blogs but truth be told I feel that the media shares far too little about the lives of the people who make this world what it is. The ability to see the world through someone else’s videos, photos and, most importantly, words, is like a newscast for my soul. It uplifts me seriously. So I read blogs instead of CNN or and start my day with a smile. Thanks to everyone who writes a blog because I really love to read them.

Because I like to write more from inspiration rather than forced creativity, I can’t say that I will keep up with a daily post forever, that is definitely a whole lot of pressure especially on the off days, but I will do my best to try to write as close to everyday as possible here from now on. With the exception of tomorrow. I am taking a well deserved, thoroughly needed day off to recharge my brain so I can come back strong in June. As an addition to the new life in the blog I think I have found that new template I was talking about and it will be unveiled with my first June post.

Thank you for sticking with my month of madness everyone. You are awesome. ♥love♥


Theresa said...

Awesome post! I've enjoyed reading you this month. Thanks for putting yourself out there, even when it was a challenge. Keep it up.

Chris Stone said...

Congrats on making it through the month! I could never do a post a day. I struggle for 2-3 a week, and some times don't achieve that!

You wrote that poem in 15 minutes? Good on you!

Joan said...

I always love reading your perception and outlook on life.
Have an excellent day tomorrow!

Almost Precious said...

Jenn -
You were indeed very smart. So astute of you not to limit your blog to any one topic in specific.
Wish I had done likewise. Instead I started out trying to link my blog with my etsy shop and now I find that, most of the time anyway, I write about everything but my etsy shop or what I'm trying to sell. C'est la vie !
:) Anna

Chris said...

Nice work . . . I could never come up with that kind of volume. Keep it up, Jenn!

ginger said...

you're the only i person i know who enjoys blogging as much as i do...i can relate to this, especially after veganmofo last year.

it's been fun to read all of your randomness and the poem about the sleeper was my favorite too.

have a good day off tomorrow! :)

Bree said...

We do so love your "freaky little head"! :D

Rosebud Collection said...

Jenn, you really did great. I have been slipping, so much going on here.
Blogging has been a good way to survive the winter and wonderful people/ blogs out there, that is why I keep hanging on. Even if you don't see me for awhile, I will always return..Hey, sounds a little like MacArthur, doesn't it?
Nice guy, met him once..

spottedwolf said...

all what they said, Jenn. Hi to Matt. Still no news of jay but I expect his mom home soon......

Karen said...

Great job meeting your challenge. I enjoyed reading every day!

ginger said...

hahahahaha lmfo, bree! i love that movie!