Sunday, May 24, 2009

Movin’ On Up, to the East Side

“To a deeeeee-luxe apartment, with a dish-wash-er”

What? You mean that isn’t how the theme song went? Well sorry but the Jefferson’s got nothin’ on me because no matter how fancy pants their place was, we are going to double our square footage, get rid of the unidentifiable smell in the hallway that we refer to as ‘dead cabbage cat’ and spend less money to do so.

Oh yeah, and there is a dishwasher.

Seriously, not too much else matters at this point.

My Wicked Stepmother is a Real Estate Broker so yesterday while we were helping them pack and move she happened to mention a place she had been contacted on that morning. The landlord had wanted them to take the place but for their needs it was a bit too small so she thought of us immediately. Technically it is considered a one bedroom but it has a den and an eat-in kitchen. The place is in a four unit house as opposed to a building so there are really no common areas except the basement; but I highly doubt anyone is cooking with dead cabbage down there.

The place we are in now has been fine for its intended purpose, it allowed us to get settled back in Massachusetts, and I am grateful to the landlord here for taking the chance on us after our sketchy-on-paper circumstances that occurred in 2007 but now it is time to move on from our starter apartment to somewhere a little more, well, adult.

Did I happen to mention there is a dishwasher?

We got home somewhat late last night but could not stop talking about the place so we hit Google Earth street view to check out where it is, keeping our fingers crossed that the street was not in a Valley of Despair like our current location. All looked great and there is even a pizza shop right on the corner. Those of you who know Boston are not at all surprised by that fact. There is a pizza shop on just about every corner. Well, the ones that do not have a Dunkin Donuts, bank or hair salon that is.

So the place is like a palace in comparison to our current space, at least double square footage with twice as many closets, and the hardwood floors gleamed in the amazing light pouring in through the windows. There is so much cabinet space in the kitchen and the back door leads into a mud room area which will be perfect for Matt to store his bike.

As with every place however there are some quirks. For example the bed goes in a nook with no door. The nook is off of a pass through room leading out to the kitchen. I am now referring to the pass through space as the West Wing; this area will become the office and my sewing room which I will actually be able to utilize again. It’s a good thing too since none of the closets have attached doors so I will be getting creative with fabric panels and with so many windows I am going to be a curtain making fiend the first week there.

The coolest part of all though, there is a dishwasher.


Bridgete said...

The dishwasher is definitely key. =)

Chris said...

Enjoy! Especially the dishwasher, if you have one.

pastrywitch said...

Cool! My first apartment was all pass through, no doors at all except for the bathroom. The front room had a great fabric ceiling - purple fabric with a sort of primitive belly dancer pattern that made a tented effect.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

You know something, it will have a dishwasher! Not looking forward to the packing & physical moving part but man is it going to be worth it in the end :)

Kate that sounds really cool! I was thinking for our bedroom door to do some really heavy weight red velvet & scallop a valance then use gold tie backs like its a movie theater or something. Have to think more on that one though!

Karen said...

Yeah, that's all well and good... but does it have a dishwasher??

(Yay for Jenn!)

Joan said...

Fun! Not the packing, but everything else. :)

Julie said...

Whoo-hoo! how exciting! :) Y'know, our house didn't have a dishwasher when we looked at it. I made a point that one needed to be installed before we would move in. We'd be living with a lot of crawly things if I didn't have my dishwasher... I hate doing dishes.

Good luck with the upcoming move!

Rosebud Collection said...

So happy for you..and a dishwasher to!
Sounds least you should have hot water too..
Much luck to you both in your new place..