Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Google Hits With Dane Cook’s Name in the Title

It hit me this morning that I have been so intent on posting something everyday this month that I have not yet wussed out with a straight up video post (like I sometimes do over at GLR) with the exception of Mother’s Day (but that was funny).

Since I have been so good and everyone has put up with my ADD style writing for this entire month I figure its time to give all of you a break. So here is a super short, funny video from one of my favorite comedians, Dane Cook. I had a quote from this here on my blog comment box for a long time.

Yes it is a true fact that His Comedic Majesty and I went to high school together so I have been following his career since he played Danny Zuko as a senior, long before the advent of Myspace or blogging. It wasn’t like we hung out on Friday nights or anything but we had a few in common friends in drama or sports and some of us used to go watch him and Al Del Bene tear it up at local Comedy Clubs before they were even old enough to vote. There were about as many people in the clubs back then as in these ISolated INcident clips. The difference now is that he set it up this way on purpose. Keep killing; you put Arlington on the map brother.

Dane Cook - Suicide Note
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Theresa said...

Oh man, you went to school with Dane Cook...I LOVE that guy (only as a comedian, of course...yeah right). Anyway, funny video and so true. So was he funny in high school too? Thanks for sharing.

Audrey said...

I have an award for you on my blog - please come and get it!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Yeah Theresa he was pretty much just as hilarious back then, always kind of a goof ball but with the same open eyed take on things. Like I said we didn't hang out as friends or anything, it was just fun to see those guys perform in these tiny little clubs in Harvard Square or on the HS drama club stage. Thanks for reading :)

Thanks Audrey, on my way! Wow, you are too nice!