Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Am Totally Wussing Out

In order to post something and fulfill the promise I made to myself to post once a day in May, I am going to just ramble on for the next twenty minutes before I have to get in the shower so I can get ready to get on with the day today. Yeah, sorry in advance for the inevitable randomness here but my blog is not named what it is for no reason right?

First off I have been doing a whole bunch of thinking lately about changing up my blog template again. It really sucks having ADD sometimes because I can never just settle on something and enjoy it. At any rate this background has been kicking around a little over six months now and it feels like the right time for a change. The thing is I really like the basic nature of it -- a monotone color palate, not a lot of muss or fuss and a very simple, very me picture of a heart and the ocean in the banner. So I am on the hunt for something similar. Who knows it could be six more months before I find something I am comfortable changing it too (or maybe I’m just lazy and don’t want to deal with the html formatting associated with adding widgets & all that crap back in).

This morning Matt went down to our friend’s house to assist with the completion of their total house re-wiring project. No matter how much construction I did in our investment property years ago though there are two areas which I never took any interest in -- electrical and plumbing. Everything they are doing & all associated terminology is simply over my head, but suffice to say there will be a whole lot of hammering above their heads. Not to mention if he looks anything like yesterday I am making him take out off white bath mat out of the bathroom before he showers. Better yet I will remove it that way it won’t be black.

Once he gets back we are off to run a bunch of errands today. Blah, blah boring stuff like toiletries or household cleaning products for the most part but I am really attempting to hold myself back because all I can think about is purchasing Rock Band. We had borrowed our friend’s instruments while my sister and her boyfriend were in town but shortly after they left our friends asked us to bring everything back so the four of us could play together. Since that was during our cat sitting weeks (and they live right upstairs from where we were staying over) we played a few times and just never brought any of it back home. I have been jonesing to play for the past week now. With all of this exercise on my lower half I feel like I am not getting the proper upper body workout; I miss my drums.

Last night we went to see Star Trek and although I had slight familiarity with the original and loved The Next Generation, I in no way would consider myself a “Trekkie”. And it simply didn’t matter. The movie was wonderfully put together, the special effects were insane and there was even a part where when I jumped in my seat in surprise I actually felt fear pass over my skin for a split second. Awesome. This is the first summer in a long time when I have been really excited to see a whole slew of movies, starting with Wolverine last week and continuing with Angels and Demons next weekend.

Tonight is going to be completely fun as Bridgete is singing in her spring Choral concert and Matt and I are going to see her. It is going to be great to finally have a chance to hear her sing! I was a little bummed to learn though that she had a solo in their concert back in March but would not have one tonight, so I will just do my best to pick her voice out of the crowd.

So other than my current mantra of “rain, rain go away” there is not much else going on here and I am officially out of time to type anyway so that worked out just perfect. Wow, kind of cool to know that, unedited I can ramble on for 752 words in under twenty minutes. Huh, guess I type 37.6 words a minute. Maybe I should market that as a skill.


Bridgete said...


I'm one of the few people that can hit the high notes, so you might be able to pick me out at that point. But if not, I'm sure I'll have other solos in other concerts, it's just that when we're performing one of the big Mass compositions, the solos are just so hard that only a trained, professional vocalist can get through them.

I'm going to buy the CD of our other concert eventually, so I'll have to let you listen when I get it. =)

Bree said...

Is it weird that I like the random posts? Maybe because it's comforting to know other people think like I do. lol

Audrey said...

Random posts are great!! I think I might start doing that every tues. Tues. seems to be a day I don't have enough to do a post on one topic.

Moonchild Dancing! said...

I like random posts too. I might have to start doing a few more because it's true some days you just have nothing to say and then what? You just don't post? But, it's fun to post! There are snails clinging to rocks in the lake these days and it's warm enough to almost swim already! ;D

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to admit, you are good..I can't seem to keep the ole blog going. When you put up a clean dinning room, you know I am grasping at straws..Keep going, always fun to read your blog..

ginger said...

don't feel bad about changing your background...i change mine as often as i change lanes. i'm never happy with it. i was actually pondering on the wicked awesomeness of some future scientist coming up with a way for me to change the color of my car like my blog background. that would be so awesome!