Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Broken Thought Process Thursday

I see all these theme days floating around the blogosphere and I must admit to pondering if I could commit myself to doing it over here. I wonder if things here are far too much like myself -- all over the place, nothing set in stone; unable to be pinned down by rules -- to ever be able to commit to a weekly thing. Of course I never thought I could post something every day for an entire month either and that seems to be working out pretty well so who knows what could happen.

So in an effort to join in the fun, and because I enjoy a challenge, I decided to create my own blog theme: Broken Thought Process Thursday. This is the theme for us ADD types who always have a million shiny things floating around up in our noggins at any given moment! The main purpose of this theme is to be about as random as possible -- make it long or short, post photos or don’t -- you get the idea. I hope everyone joins in and shares their own chaotic thoughts as they come. C’mon people, really go ahead and put it out there, show me the inside of your crazy brains every Thursday. Hey, I’m about to show you mine. As with all these themes just link back to me, blah, blah, blah.

So without further ado, here is the first Broken Thought Process Thursday…

If I suddenly had unlimited resources there are a couple things I would do right away. First and foremost is I would do laser hair removal. You have no idea how much time this would save in my day to not have to shave my legs. Next I would acquire an apartment with a dishwasher. You have no idea how much time this would save in my day to not have to wash dishes by hand. Yeah they all say money can’t buy happiness but they never said anything about money being unable to buy time.

I am mystified by the force that exists on the roads where everyone who wants to go faster than me somehow ends up behind me but everyone who wants to go slower somehow ends up in front.

On the way home today I realized how much I love to drive and listen to my music in the summer. I turn it up really loud so I can’t hear what the people next to me are saying about me singing along.

Smoking is fading out nicely. Last winter I cut my intake down to four a day and that went well. I tried to quit completely the day before Mother’s Day but fell off the wagon after we all had dinner and many drinks so now I’m down to about one cigarette a day. I still have nine in the pack I bought on Mother’s Day.

So we were supposed to see Angels & Demons with our friends this weekend but they are having baby separation anxiety issues and don’t want to subject 14 year old babysitters to the chaos so Matt and I are on our own to see it. Trouble is I have been hearing not great things and wonder if we should save some of that money toward the apartment with the dishwasher instead.

Some stereotypes should not be able to be perpetuated. That song by Carrie Underwood where she talks about keying her boyfriend’s truck, slashing his tires, smashing the headlights, carving her name into his front seat and a whole slew of other things should be banned from the radio. There is no reason to try to convince men how crazy women can be. People can be crazy in general. No need to prove it further. Perhaps that is the reason he cheated in the first place, because you are a psycho and he was just too afraid to tell you he was breaking up with you. Thanks so much for setting women back even further there hunny.

OK I guess that’s good for today’s theme. Who knows if I’ll remember to do this again next week. It will probably happen on Tuesday knowing me.


Chris said...

I could never do a theme. I don't post often enough. With two posts a week (on average) it would be silly.

Oh wait! I've got it. From now on, Maugeritaville will feature "Postless Tuesdays".

Bridgete said...

I am mystified by the force that exists on the roads where everyone who wants to go faster than me somehow ends up behind me but everyone who wants to go slower somehow ends up in front. Hehehe. Happens to me all the time.

Rosebud Collection said...

Your doing good blogging..I laugh at the smoking...We are not smokers, but when we all get together, I will smoke a few cigarettes. Then I don't touch them again, till they visit. What the heck, the food we eat can have more danger than a few cigarettes.
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I like Postless Tuesday Chris, holding you to that.

Yeah Bridgete, I just shake my head and laugh now, no use trying to fight it right? haha

Rose you are so lucky, that is the kind of smoker I would love to be but its just not in my personality to do every here & there. I'm an all or nothing kind of gal :)

Audrey said...

I've started "random 10 tueseday" because I usually can't think of anything to post that day.
Theme's sometimes help the posting process.

ginger said...

i am so frigging doing this as soon as i get my computer back!...thank you for the opportunity and excuse for me to lay even more trivial mind slurry out there on the runway of the blogosphere!

congrats on the ever lessening habit and amen to the carrie underwood review. i used to be one of those crazy women until i gave up on relationships altogether.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Ooh random 10 Tuesday sounds like it might be right up my alley too Audrey, definitely food for thought there...

One of the things that drives me most insane about that song is that she never actually catches him cheating, she uses the word 'probably' about 100 times -- all the things that he's probably doing because he's not there with her. At least she didn't kick his ass and it was only the truck, but that's small comfort lol.