Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Broken Thought Process Thursday

Since no one really noticed that I did my first Thursday theme post last week on Wednesday, maybe no one will notice that this post is done on Tuesday. Oh crap, I just spilled the beans. So sue me.

No, wait, don’t; I have nothing to give because there is no way anyone is getting my new apartment with a dishwasher. And that place also better have a nice hot shower since now I am going on six days with no hot water to speak of. Not kidding; it just keeps getting better and better over here in the Valley of Despair.

Apparently I could have been in the military because I have learned that I actually can wash and condition my hair, wash my face, wash me and shave my legs using almost lukewarm water in five minutes or less. But I really prefer not to.

Ready for a good laugh? Come to find out our landlord has been trying to stretch one (as in uno, singular, the loneliest number) energy efficient, eighty gallon, hot water tank for…ready for it? Twenty three apartments and two washing machines. And then she called to ask us if we noticed a leak since there was an ‘issue with the hot water throughout the building’ and she was calling everyone. Yup, hilarious right?

35 days.

My plan for today is to boil up a whole bunch of water and do it up old school style. Like, older than old school style really. If I had a barn and a back scrubber I’d be grabbing a tub in the big metal bucket, you dig?

Seriously, 35 days.

So a question has been bothering me lately -- when someone fades out of your life, or leaves your life without intervention of Death, is there really ever any way to fit them back in again?

I have this odd tendency to disappear, sometimes for months or even years at a time, which I never noticed until my friend Dani pointed it out a few years back. She was saying something with regard to the fact that I tend to “run away but always show up again” so it did not bother her, but it got me thinking about the way I am in many relationships, friendships in particular.

There are quite a few friends that I am terrible about keeping in touch with, life just takes over and so much time passes that sometimes I wonder if it is right to stay in touch at all. I do not want to have a whole list of Christmas Card Friends; people I used to hang out with but now we never talk yet they send me cards with their kid’s pictures inside every year and we exchange notes in the card that read ‘we should make plans to see each other real soon’. But we never do.

Is it alright to simply have people in life that are now acquaintances who used to be people I saw everyday? That is tough for me to come to terms with for some reason. What is strange is that I do have some friends that are the exact same way and for some reason we tend to be in the get in touch phase at the same time. That is fantastic, we completely get each other and it’s great. Who I worry about are the people that I rarely call but I feel that they might want to talk more often. Now do not get me wrong, these people are not exactly blowing up my phone either but it is just a strange sense I have.

I guess it is just hard to explain so forget it, let’s move on.

This week was supposed to be the final wrap up at my kitchen reorganization job at my sister in law’s place but unfortunately one of the kids is sick. And not just runny nose sick but really high fever, banned from school for the rest of the week, we are all praying it is not h1n1 kind of sick. So the job is pushing out to wrap next week instead but I am seriously just hopeful my nephew makes it over the fever hump and starts to get well again quickly. That scary virus crap is, well, freaking scary.

Speaking of being and staying healthy, my new favorite breakfast smoothie recipe:

4 medium sized strawberries
A handful of blackberries
Half of a gala apple
3 sprigs of cilantro
Half a lime’s worth of juice and/or pulp
About ½ cup plain soy milk

Chop it all up into small enough pieces for a blender or if you have a food processor have at it. Toss in the milk with all chopped fruit, whir it until smooth. Enjoy! Makes enough for one.

Every morning I have been waking up craving smoothies. Sometimes I mix it up using blueberries, carrots or other easily masked flavors but with the addition of the lime this week I am strongly considering the tropical smoothie with some pineapple and mango next week. Yum!

Wow, only five more days to go of A Post A Day In May Madness. I can not believe I have posted every day so far, this is cool.

OK, enough for today, I expect to see everyone’s themed post full of broken thoughts over the next couple days (linking back of course). Well except Chris, unless it is tomorrow, since he emphatically stated he is doing “Postless Tuesday” as his theme from now on and I am holding you to that buddy!


Karen said...

Some kind of landlord... ugh! I have friends whom I've know for 37 years and only speak to them once every couple of years. We always pick up where we left off, get updated and "disappear" for another couple years. Yes, they are still friends... the best kind :)

ginger said...

oh, heck no! that landlord would be hearing heck from me everyday! there's no reason she can't call a plumber and have one installed the same day. i know, because i've done it.....anyway.i think it's great that BTPT can happen any day, it kind of goes with the theme and it will make me feel better when i do the same thing. :)

regarding the friends floating in and out thing; i have a few friends that do that occasionally. one in particular bothers me, but the rest are fine. they are the ones who pop in an out once or twice a year via email or whatever and we know we love each other, but we're busy. life happens and we're okay. the one that bothers me is the one that only calls me when she has an emergency. i only hear from her when there's drama or she needs something. when i text or call her i get no answer and no return call or message, so i stopped trying and we only talk when she calls. it bothers me because it's become a one sided friendship.

Joan said...

I think it is ok to have "acquaintances". Everyone has lots of things to think about and do in their own life, so just have fun with each other when you can. :)
Sorry for your lukewarm showers!

Bridgete said...

Ohh I HATE shitty landlords. My mom and I had a terrible one back in Oregon. We were completely without hot water for a week...the first week right after we moved in. Yeah, they didn't bother to make sure everything was working before we moved in. Anyway, we ended up going to a motel and telling the landlord he'd be paying for it. We then deducted it from our rent with a copy of the bill from the motel and a reminder note, and he never said anything more. So anyway, I totally feel ya on that one.

As for the floating friend thing, I certainly do it too. Between law school and living on the other side of the country from all my closest friends, it just gets really hard to be as constant as I'd like. But they all know that it's just that I'm busy and that I still love them so it's fine. But I'm with Ginger on the people who only call when there's an emergency. I had this one friend who only ever called to borrow money. She did it to all of us in the group. None of us ever had money to lend, nor would we do it anyway because we all knew we'd never see the money again. She eventually got the hint and now I don't think any of us ever hear from her at all.


Sounds like the building needs to go 'tank-less'.

Love your breakfast remedy-recipe!
...add some ginger to strengthen your digestive track, for extra measure.
Be well.

Rosebud Collection said...

Hey, how do you let the landlord get away with no hot water? Since I own rental property, I know you are held accountable.
As far as not seeing your friends much..That happens. Everyone takes a different turn in life..Don't feel bad. At least you keep up with cards.
The smoothie sounds wonderful..
You are doing great with your blog. I am trying to keep going, but I get side tracked very easily.

Chris Stone said...

aren't there good tenants' protection laws in MA? that water heater business sounds like a mess!

the floating friend thing doesn't bother me.... maybe because i'm part flake too! but. different people are different.

good luck with making it to the end of may! you're almost there!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Hey all! OK to clarify what is going on with the water...on Thursday (the real one lol) of last week Matt & I had a slightly lukewarm shower, again Friday. By Saturday I was DONE with that so as my shower got colder my blood got warmer. Just before Matt phoned the landlord she had left me a message that there were issues, they thought it was a leak but were going to add a new tank but couldn't until Tuesday due to the holiday and all. Fine. Yesterday it was allegedly fixed but when Matt went to look it was simply a new pump on the same water heater. That is what had burned out because too many people are using too small a tank. Its a ticking time bomb to say the least.

34 days.

So glad I'm not alone as a random in & out friend, floating friend, I like that Chris! I am not that kind of friend though Ginger, that is not fair to you at all. I really want to keep up & not just in times of need. Certainly not just for money, OMG Bridgete how wrong!

Suldog said...

"Is it alright to simply have people in life that are now acquaintances who used to be people I saw everyday?"

Sure. That's the way men handle most of their friendships. We go months without seeing each other, but we assume we still like each other. Then when we finally get back together, it's either cool or it isn't. Either way, it's cool (if that makes sense.)

Seriously, if a friendship can't stand a bit of time apart, it's not a great friendship to begin with, IMHO.