Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back and Forth

Laughter of twenty years’ memories
Fills the room as
We think back on so many of the
Fantastic times we have

The room becomes too small
To hold every remembrance,
So the amusement spills out the
Living room window to cover the entire

As we find the hilarity in
All those old, odd, teenage moments,
It becomes clear exactly what is happening -
A new memory is being created

Twenty years from now
We will sit together and drink beers
And we will look back on this day
In amused nostalgia for one of those old

I look forward to the wistfulness,
The ability to reminisce about
How much we still have in common
All of the ties and times that keep us

There is something so amazing
About real friends, people who share love
And will stand by each other
Through all of the difficulties and every


Bridgete said...


spottedwolf said...

My heart soars when i see these words and their like come from you......No simpler truth can be spoken when it comes to sharing past remembrances of all that was/is shared. No greater can love be expressed that befriends the human condition..........in all its 'color'.

Nice thoughts Jenn...one day I'll see something on a shelf or in a window.....and Suz and I will say, "she is our friend, we actually know her".

Rosebud Collection said...

Beautiful Jenn..it really is so true and you expressed it in such a lovely way. I have to go back and read it again..
I know what you mean about the writer's block..It is hard, especially the wonderful way you write..me, I just get lazy and get tired of yapping about nothing..
Keep up the good work..see how I check in on you? God, I am a pushy lady.

Karen said...

This is really nice Jenn. Saw the pics you posted of the birthday on Facebook. Lots of friends :)

ginger said...


i like the cameron quote. i love that movie.

Dave King said...

Nicely put. Unadorned truth is not so easy to find these days. Well done.

pastrywitch said...

simple and direct, no rhyming. my kind of poetry :)

Piggy said...

That's beautiful......

Judi FitzPatrick said...

What a happy, uplifting post. Happy visit and Happy Earth Day!
Peace and Love, Mum

Silvia said...

Very well said Jenn:-)
What an intense feeling you make us feel with these words that everyone has the chance to experience in his life with the past....:-D


Suldog said...

Nothing better than sharing the past with those who were there with you.

Unless you throw in some beer, and you did :-)

courtney said...

such great writing!

Chris Stone said...

Very nice! I love it that you are posting your poetry!

Rosebud Collection said...

Just so you know..I have been here and reread your writing..I think three times..as I told you..Wonderful work..
Weather is nice and enjoying it every minute, especially after this winter. Glad you are enjoying it too..Happy Monday.

Chris said...

Your poetry is wonderful, Jenn, and I'm not a poetry guy by any means. I also love the Ferris Bueller comment.

Of course, now that I'm a grown up (relatively speaking), I think I relate just as much to Cameron's unseen dad, and I'd kick his ass for trashing my Ferrari.