Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All the Dorks In the House Put Your Hands Up

For the past couple of months, I have had almost no desire to write. Well, let me clarify, I have had no desire to write the convoluted insanity that I used to write almost every day either in this blog or my journal. Instead, I am filling up volumes with posts about eco-friendly products and moderately serious prose. This does not upset me, save for the fact that I kind of tried to deny to myself the reason why I was in that mode in the first place -- I had temporarily misplaced my humor.

As an Irish gal growing up in a punny family, a witty personality is something I was just born with. Generally I can find the hilarity in any situation, extract it, and plunk it on out there so everyone else can laugh about it too; even if it is an “in-joke” situation. But I have been in this recoculous introspective place lately, because many serious things have happened in my life, and rather than spit them out after they lost their flavor, I was continuing to chew on them. Then my sister came to town.

There are some people in my life that just get me going and I fall right back into that awesome place of humor and goofy stupidity where my timing is freaking perfect and its just on without even having to flip the switch. Wendy is at the top of the list of those people.

This past week while she and her boyfriend were here there was more laughter (and drinking and smoking and late nights) than had happened in this house in a long time. Immediately after dropping them off at the airport yesterday afternoon, as always happens, I missed her. But Matt and I were in full on “go” mode to get the house cleaned and then pack because we are cat and semi house sitting for a friend for the next couple weeks. We spent limited time back here just to pick up the $4 in returns from beer bottles (sorry, I mean beah, ya know, what we drank while eating pitzr; as we say here in Bahstin), grab some food in a cooler, toothbrushes and a night’s worth of clothes then jam.

This morning, back home to work, I got my over tired, highly nicotined ass into detox mode by drinking about five glasses of water, and then I finally opened the mail that had piled up. I fully expected to be ecstatic by the quiet that I would be surrounded by but something interesting occurred. I sat down at the computer to start paying bills online and it was like the laughter of sixty people was hanging like a fog in the air. The energy in my living room was infused with awesomeness, fun and about a billion movie quotes and I sat here smiling for no good reason other than I was happy to continue to soak it up.

Every time I sit in bumpadabumpa traffic nexta a Dunkin Donuts now I will think of yas.

And for anyone who lives in Bahstin, ya know that’salat.


Joan said...

My family rejuvenates me too! Always nice when we are feeling

Bree said...

I hear you on THAT! Good energy, good laughs, good times...they stay with you and get you through the darkest of times. :)

draagonfly said...

That is definitely one thing SoCal is missing - Dunkin Donuts!

LOVE the Bahstin accent. :) There are some things I miss about the NE, but not enough to come back! Funny how the New Yawka accent has become the catalyst for my "aww, just like back home!" thoughts. You should hear Kaytee say dawg and cawfee. She's a real Jersey girl.

Glad to hear you sending out your ray of sunshine!

Karen said...

Sounds like you had a great time. When loved ones live far away, the time spent with them is precious.

ginger said...

hah! you guys must have as many dunkin donuts as we have starbucks!...er, as we got stahbucks!

good energy, good times...you look so good in that picture too.

i wish we got deposits for bottle returns in colorado.

Chris said...

Nothing like family and good times. Thanks for sharing!

Bridgete said...

I so meant to comment on this post when I read it. Now I don't remember what I was originally going to say.

Anyway, I'm glad your sister rejuvenated you. =)

spottedwolf said...

LOL and then some.........