Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Outside

The wind blows through the branches
And they sway effortlessly,
Against a backdrop of cloudy sky.
A tree can bow in the
Strongest storm
As long as the trunk is sturdy
And the roots are deep.
A shaft of light bursts through
Illuminating the brown bark
Creating shadows for birds
To hide from my eyes.
The light begins to fade
But the tiny tips of the branches
Protrude proudly.
The wind picks up
Branches thrash wildly,
Waving at me inside my home
As if to say ‘pick me for the team’.
Trees do not show emotion
All they do is hold firm.
Years go by,
They see everything
But remember nothing
Except how to flower in the spring.
The monochromatic brown
Suddenly turns to green
Still a singular color palate
Nothing more than the same waving tree,
The same swaying limbs,
Now against a blue sky.
But the branches are hidden
And the leaves show the spirit
That swelled up from deep within the trunk.
The trees may not know how to show joy
But I do.


Matt said...

I love the line about seeing everything but remembering nothing. That's my fave!

ginger said...

oh, so very pretty! nicely done...brava diva :)

Dave King said...

This is excellent. I shall have to come back to read it again, but first grabs say it's top class.

Helen said...

... how lovely.

Karen said...

I get really nice images when reading this :)

pastrywitch said...

ditto. I love bare branches against the sky.

Dave King said...

What I like about your writing is the way you just tell it as it is. No fuss, nd it comes out crystal clear, as attractive as a sparkling stream.

Suldog said...

Love the line about the trees waving as if to say "pick me!"

Chris Stone said...

nice poem!

Spring is coming. ;)

Rosebud Collection said...

Beautiful Jenn and just said so nicely...I always think the trees say so much with their buds sprouting in spring..course I have not seen one yet..but that is when all is "reborn", including me..
What a nasty storm we had..since we are two hours into Maine, it was heavier..Our girls in the So.Portland area, didn't get it as bad..I wouldn't dare take out flip flops..frostbite..

TheresaJ said...

Beautiful Jenn! "Seeing everything but remembering nothing" -- I love that!

On another note... you've been tagged. Stop by my blog for details. It's something a bit different from the usual tag game and involves your archived photos. Let's see what you pull out from the past.