Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its Not You, Its Me

I am so, so sorry Random Lunacy. I wanted to write, really I did but it just seems like life has gotten in the way recently. Its nothing you did wrong. Truly it is all me. What’s that you ask? What is Facebook? Well it’s nothing to be jealous about, I mean it isn’t like I would ever give you up for it or anything. FB is just a fling, you are my oldest and dearest addiction, I promise there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes a girl really just needs her space, even from something as awesome as a blog like you.

Nothing has seemed to hit me that I feel like writing about lately. Clearly, since I have not posted since the beginning of the month. There is something kind of big going on with a friend right now but it is not something I want to put out there in full on detail so I feel like I am not able to really talk about anything since it is one of the more prevalent thoughts in my head right now. So instead of sharing some goofy story about my past or writing something clever about my neighbor who sings opera I have just abandoned my awesome blog for stupid note tags in Facebook.

Oh the shame.

Ok to be fair it isn’t all about FB, I have been really inspired to write Green Leaf Reviewer posts again and I started a very significant story back in December that is shaping up to become a novel. I guess there is just not enough inspiration to spread around and back here to my old dear blog. Well that and the ridiculous flu like cold that knocked me flat on my back for five full days.

After a week of being sick was followed up by a Saturday full of sunshine, it was time to get out of here last weekend and we kicked it old style.

Matt and I were the original random road trippers. It was not rare for one or the other of us to get home on a Friday night and ask ‘where can we get in six hours?’ then head out for that location packing up nothing more than a big bottle of water, an overnight bag and a camera. Last Saturday we skipped the over night bag and brought passports instead and Matt surprised me with a day trip up to Quebec. Yes, as in the Canadian province.

We took off to get lunch at about one in the afternoon and surprise, Matt had passports in his pocket and we were on the road. I forgot how cool the White Mountain range was.

Unfortunately by the time we got to Canada it was getting dark so the only photo I snapped was a slightly blurry picture of the solar panels on top of the border patrol building (woo hoo Canada for going green!) and the Quebec sign.

Now people who know Matt and I understand our propensity for taking off for far lands on a whim -- it really is no thing for us to say ‘yeah, we went to Canada yesterday’ -- but the border patrol tends to show their confusion at the fact that yes we came all the way from Boston to simply drive around Sherbrooke for a couple hours, no we don’t know anyone in Canada and no we are not planning to spend the night. But luckily even though they thought we must be total freaks they let us in with a ‘have a nice time’ and what border patrol considers a smile. Better known as pursed lips and handing back our passports.

On the two hour tour we both decided it would be a great idea to go back up some time in the spring or summer and actually spend a weekend because there were quite a few cool monuments to see, pretty architecture, adorable shops and yummy looking restaurants, nevermind some gorgeous countryside to explore.

On the way back into the United States we chatted with the border patrol dude for a few minutes when he made it clear he was a Boston guy transplanted up to Vermont.

Him: “Where are you folks from?”
Us: “Arlington”
Him: “AHHHHHlingtun!”
Me: “Oh you’re from Boston!”
Him: “Yup lived in Mission Hill for a while. You guys Red Sox fans?”
Us: “Of course!”

What I should have done is asked if that question was rhetorical because, well, you know.

Him: “Cold enough up here for you?”
Matt: “Its actualy warmer here than it was in Boston earlier today.”
Him: “Well it was 30 below up here a couple weeks ago.”
Me: Jaw drops, head shakes. “How do you live? I mean you can’t possibly even breathe when you go outside in that crap?”
Him: “Nah, a big thick coat and a furry hat and its OK.”

We also chatted about Varitek, who’s manager had come through the booth shortly before he finalized his contract, and Papelbon who had just extended and then he gave a customary “Eh” and told us to have a safe drive back.

We arrived home just in time for Saturday Night Live and even though we had spent over ten hours on the road during my recuperation time I felt better than I had in ages. Nothing like a fun day of music and driving and a little International exploration to bring the roses back into a gal’s cheeks and the inspiration back to her blog.


Karen said...

What a great and fun trip! Nice to be able to just pick up and go like that :) Nice post.

Helen said...

Loved reading this ... and glad you are 'in the pink' again!

Bree said...


Suldog said...

There's nothing so good for refreshing one's spirit as getting out of the usual neighborhood. The White Mountains usually do it for me. God's country.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

At one point driving through the mountains I looked up, then back down at the cars on the road in front of us and just uttered "wow, we are so small in this world". Definitely does put life in perspective seeing something so vast and beautiful like that!

Rosebud Collection said...

Now that sounds like a fun time..It is nice to get away for awhile..see something different.
I think our best times are times not planned..that way you expect nothing..and everything is fun.
Don't want to say anything, but it is snowing and more on it is warmer there and you are having rain. Oh well, it is February..soon March.

High Desert Diva said...

How fun. I love that you just packed up a day tripped to Canada.

ginger said...

i TOTALLY get it!

spottedwolf said...

Glad ya'll had a good trip up even tho' it'uz so short, Jenn. You guys oughta see British Columbia one day......"you ain't seen till you've seen B.sCene !!"

The'll run out of bytes.
Highway 16W thru Prince George to
Prince Rupert....ferry out to Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlottes........down to Victoria for all the old world beauty...across the Georgia Strait thru Vancouver and the Fraser Valley and into the world famous Okanagan wine owns its trade name.."Beautiful British Columbia". Or if winter is fun ...the 2010 Winter Olympics !!!

Dang ! I should git thet ambassador job.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Love the clever beginning to this post, and I believe you are in denial - FB is an addiction!
Beautiful photos, and no surprise since you are decended from G. Ruth and G. Steve ;-)
Love ya, Mum

TheresaJ said...

First off, I was ROTFL about your your Facebook dilemma. I've been there too, as you know. It's rather addictive. Of course, I posted a rather boring apology/excuse on my blog and am envious that yours was so much more entertaining.

As for your Canadian adventure, sounds fabulous -- and your hubby sounds fabulous too. What a guy!

pastrywitch said...

I want to go to Canada! Maybe not just today, because I'm sure it's cold, while here in Denver we're are looking at sunny skies and upper 50's to low 60's all week. But sometime.
Come join me in Facebook rehab. All are welcome....all are welcome in Facebook rehab...
Great post :)

Chris Stone said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! wonder if my old pick up can make it....