Monday, November 17, 2008

Telekinetic Tryst

The asphalt was a grey shade of black
The sun was hiding behind a cloud but no water was falling
From the sky or my eyes
I felt the gaze and my entire body turned to face you
Standing across the street
Wearing a trucker hat and blue jeans
With a smile in your eyes
Chewing pink gum and blowing bubbles
Carefree and light
I could taste it

The traffic of walkers was heavy
But I stood stoic like a pebble in the moving sea
Passed by so gracefully
Diverting the motion
I could not get to where you stood
We locked eyes for an instant
We shared the time and space
Intense and heightened
Bridging the swirling current

I felt it all in that moment
The life
The comfort
The peace
The place I was meant to be

I wanted to grab it
To grab you
To take your gum
To pop the bubble between
Where I live and you fantasize
But instead I came about
As if the rock became dislodged
Tossed around by the waves of the crowd
Traveling with the unseen current
Reality shakes me
And I wonder if it was just a dream


Suldog said...

Nice piece of poetry. I love the "bubble" imagery.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful poem..You are a very deep person and it shows in your writing..

Karen said...

Great poem, Jenn! I could "see" this poem as I was reading it.

pastrywitch said...

I like this - it took me right there.

Michelle said...

this is really great.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Wow, this is wonderful! I too could picture it all in my mind.
Peace and love, Mum

Xylia said...

Wonderful! Just the kind of poetry I love...

victoria said...

Wow Jenn! Your writing always gives me goosebumps! :) more!

Sahara said...

Gifted, that's what I call this. :)

ginger said...

damn! intense imagery favorite poem of yours yet. nicely done!

my favorite line: "But I stood stoic like a pebble in the moving sea" ~ i feel shaky just reading it.