Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh What A Night

When I went to bed last night I felt that I had done something to make a difference in the world for the entire day. Yesterday was filled with blogging, sewing, creating from new recipes, community activism and great conversation. I felt as if I took a giant leap forward toward a happier and healthier life and want to keep that train a-rolling for sure!

Working from home has become a more regular occurrence as I gear up for the craft fair in November. I have been running the sewing machine (not my car) pretty much non stop. I have a feeling that running the machine is definitely less of an energy sucker than my car would be though. So some of the adorableness of this week includes:

Have I mentioned that the pattern for the clutches is one I created myself a handful of years ago? I have been improving on the design and making changes over the past couple years like adding the Velcro instead of a button, making sure my company tag is sewn in there and generally just lining up the seams and notions better. Everything gets easier with time I guess!

Because Murphy’s Law is something all of us Irish folk are fully in touch with, I know this purse will sell at the fair. So far it is the one I love the most and would keep in a New York minute if given the opportunity (like it not selling at the fair and I get to just take it home for example).

So for Ginger and Karen I would just like to let you know that I did finally create the recipes you both shared that I have been dying to try all month. I combined the two together for a yummy feast last night for mom, Matt and myself before we headed out to the town meeting. On this plate are the salmon patties Karen suggested trying and the ribbon zucchini with pesto Ginger posted. Y-U-M!!

Good. Now that takes care of our minds and bodies, but we should do something good for mankind or the planet for a couple of hours. -- Cher, Clueless

After also devouring some of my mom’s delicious oatmeal chip cookies we took off to hear about all the awesomeness our town is doing in the way of sustainable efforts. There were two guest speakers, one from the Chamber of Commerce, the other from the Committee for Secure Green Future. Both were excellent speakers with quite a wealth of knowledge to share. There were eleven of us in total including the three of us newbies. Everyone was so welcoming and excited to have new members attend! One of the members is also the webmaster and when he found out that I write an environmental blog he asked if I would be interested to let them grab my RSS feed as well as possibly write articles for the soon to be newly revamped website. How could I ever say no?! I am really looking forward to getting more involved with these folks because their reach in the community is so positive.

With that said, today I begin research on my town and the efforts already in place for a better environment here such as waste removal, recycling, energy savings, litter clean up and a slew of other topics that will become extremely fun topics to do a write up on for the website. Of course I plan to finish up this little baby tonight.


Julie said...

mmm... I really need to try those zucchini ribbons tonight. Either that or I'll make this yummy looking winter veggie soup I came across the other day. Either requires a trip to the store though.

Cute cute creations there, Jenn. I know that feeling of kinda hoping that the favorite will be the last to sell. I've hoped that hope with paintings before.

So, I pulled out my sewing machine the other night. It's been a while. But it was fun, and I was pretty proud of my "freehand" upcycled creation. The four of us are going to a costume party for Halloween, and since the boys are going to be Batman and Robin, DH & I are going as The Joker & Catwoman. So, I converted a goodwill shirt into a shiny (literally) new green vest for the clown-faced villain in my life. Basic, but like I said, I'm happy with it. :) Still, I need to make a headpiece/mask/ears & tail for my costume, and convert a yellow t-shirt into a cape for Robin...

Karen said...

Sounds like you're going to have your hands full... what a great thing to do for your community!

The clutch and purse are adorable! Me... I can't sew a straight line :(

Glad you tried the salmon patties... it makes me want to have them again!


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Great post and thanks for including me in your eco-friendly evening! Dinner was yummy and the meeting was very informative.
Also, thanks for posting the links to the recipes here, I will add them to my Flickr pic and my own blog entry.
Peace and hugs and love, Mum

High Desert Diva said...

Great Cher quote.

You have been busy! I see why you like The One...the good thing about creating items we like...we're perfectly ok with them not selling!

I must make those salmon cakes...

Chris Stone said...

You go girl!

your pieces look great! and have fun at the fair!

ginger said...

again, the purses rock! and i'm so glad you tried and liked the zucchini with pesto...whew! that's a relief. haha!

i saw on the green reviewer what town you live in and my jaw dropped. one of my favorite people in the world works must be a great place since the number of wicked awesome people i know there keeps growing! :)

i have to go check out your mom's blog now.

thanks again! xoxo

Rosebud Collection said...

The bags look looks tasty..Boy, your good..
Wanted to stop by and just leave you a note..Have a happy weekend..

Crafty Mama said...

Yum! Both those recipes look really good!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Look how productive you are!!

silvianovesette said...

Wow...That's great! You're really good at creating your own products:-) You sure have a market, in general and the greatest thing of all is that you can easily work at home, developing your passion!
Well, also the recipe sounds great and yummy:-)
I noticed just now that u have irish roots: so now I know why I like u so much girl:-)
Do u also speak irish? Such an impossible sound and hard grammar, it seems to me!!! It was a pleasure just to learn "Slainte", while drinking a lot:-) So I just needed that word, u know?
Hope this "growing" period will keep on going for ages dear Jenn!
Have a sunny Sunday!