Thursday, September 25, 2008

Almost Time to Put Away the Flip Flops

As of three days ago, fall officially began but I did not need a calendar to remind me this year. In the past few days I have noticed that the leaves are turning in random pockets and progressively in the past couple weeks the temperatures here in the northeast have started the inevitable downward spiral.

Even though I am a summer baby who is still a firm advocate for the hotter the better, there is something comforting about the early days of fall. Perhaps it is the re-introduction of warm colors, like red, brown, orange and yellow, which provide me a stronger bond to the Earth instead of my usual Water connection. After a summer full of an almost inexplicable need to be in or around water of any sort (but primarily the ocean), there is a peaceful feeling that comes from abandoning my fins for the land. Cooler temperatures allow for light sweaters and hot bowls of chicken soup with stars and even though I am not a big proponent of exercise I love to take off for a woodsy hike or city stroll on a sunny day.

This Sunday morning me, Matt, my Mom and our Fearless Leader my Aunt S are taking part in the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk in support of and to honor the many family members and friends we all know who suffer with effects from this terrible disease. This is my fifth walk, sixth year collecting donations and I actually hit my goal this year which was really exciting. Sadly, the forecast for a nice sunny stroll like we have had in most years past is not looking good.

The event of course is rain or shine. The good news is they are doing a big lunch at the end for all the walkers and it is only a short walk from the Cambridgeside Galleria, past the Museum of Science, down part of Storrow Drive, over the MIT Bridge and back down the opposite side of the Charles River to end back at the Galleria. We always manage to have a terrific time walking no matter what it is like outside and this year will be no different regardless of the predicted showers. Maybe that will prompt all of us to walk a little quicker and return home a little faster just in case the Red Sox Yankees game is not rained out.

Luckily the Sox are in the Wild Card spot regardless if we beat the Evil Empire and really luckily the Yankees are all done no matter if we ever play this final series of the season or not. It just makes me happy to think that maybe now Giambi will get rid of the cat on his face that has clearly not helped them garner a spot in the playoffs. I understand that an outfield is slippery when wet but it always aggravates me that rarely ever is baseball played in the rain. Games can always be made up in off days or double headers later because they play roughly 160 games per regular season. Then October arrives and the beginning of fall brings an end to the baseball season and the beginning of football.

Football games are played in rain, snow, sleet, hail, driving winds, 100 degree temperatures or any other element Mother Nature can throw at non-domed stadiums and teams suck it up and play because they have to. With only seventeen weeks of regular season play there is no time for a make up game. They come at you hard and fast and leave just as quickly. Just like fall in New England.

Autumn brings my favorite nationally celebrated holiday Halloween, the perfect excuse to cuddle up on a Saturday morning with a cup of tea, and the death that brings the rebirth of spring. It is the season that is necessary for leaves to fall and blanket the Earth beneath the snow of winter when the trees, and I, hibernate. Fall is the season of change.

In honor of that change and the many others I have personally made lately, I present this brilliant piece of musical prowess to keep everyone entertained while I pack up the summer clothes and pull out the wool cable knit sweaters.

Time to change.

Maybe I will leave one pair of sandals beside the sofa, just in case we have an unexpected heat wave in October.


pastrywitch said...

I love Fall! It's my favorite time of year, for all the reasons you mentioned. Except for baseball and football.
Halloween is my favorite holiday; my spirituality always deepens in the weeks between Fall Equinox and Samhain (Halloween to most of y'all).
May the sun shine on your walk!

Rosebud Collection said...

I like your new blog look..Very pretty..Fall is a lovely time of year..Good luck with the walk..

High Desert Diva said...

I like the new look of your actually looks quite autumnal.

Fall is my favorite season. I like your idea of keeping one pair of sandals handy...ever the optomist!

Sahara said...

I love the beach so it goes without saying how much I really love this layout!

What a great post, Jenn! :D

Send me an email with your email and I'll get back to you on an answer to your question! (you can reach me through my profile)

Samantha-Rose Hunt said...

Amazing new blog look.
I absolutely adore it.
Summer is my world, I live for flip flops and sun dresses...however, fall for me is always quite exciting, as sweater boots and UGG Boots during the winter (with my same summer dress and a sweater is extremely exciting).
This post was great! I LOVE reading your stuff.

Verão said...

Viva Summer! Viva Verão! He he. Well summer is my season of choice. I love it! Well, it's not like I have no choice but where I am, except for the rain, summer is everyday. It's really hot at the equator!

At the same time, I wonder how it is to live in a place with 4 seasons. Must be fun fashion-wise!

Debra said...

I love Fall but I have to say that I still try to wear flip flops as long as I can.

Suldog said...

I'm very much a fan of Fall, not so much of Summer. As a matter of fact, the only thing I like about Summer is baseball/softball.

Speaking of baseball, the reason it is not played in rain and such is because it is a game which requires pinpoint accuracy, as opposed to football, which doesn't. Football can be adapted to mud and slush and become a game of smashing each other in the mouth, whereas baseball cannot.

I could go on, but instead I'll ask you to come around to my place and pick up your award :-)

caf said...

ah i love rain!

ginger said...

i heart this new page layout and i also heart fall!...okay, i heart you too, but not in a creepy way. ;)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Glad you all love the new layout, I do too :) It had to be something that would scream perfecto to me and the ocean with a heart could not be more perfect :)

Walk was great too, going to update in a few...

Bridgete said...

Fall is so PRETTY here too. In Oregon we don't actually have many deciduous trees, we have a lot of evergreens, so I didn't see a lot of those changing colors until I moved. Plus, even though there are trees there that do change color, it's usually not all that pretty, it's kind of mucked up from the constant rain that starts about mid-September and lasts until June.

Tantric Twin Souls said...

I absolutely LOVE fall. My husband Tibu has yet to experience it, but once he gets here Im sure he will be a fan. It is so comforting. The change of colors. The beauty in the ability to walk without breaking a sweat. *grin* Enjoy these days!