Saturday, July 5, 2008

Who Rocks More Than You?

The answer you’re looking for would be no one.

You have flown back to the land of sun and parties to mold the young minds that are entrusted to you every day; to live your life in the place you call home while I live my own in the place I call mine. I think I must have put on about 10 pounds from all the beer but then worked it right back off again from all the laughter this past week.

We dropped W off at Logan at about 8:30 this morning which sounds strange even typing it. I had to think about it for a minute; it feels like I have lived two days since sending her off with a huge hug and a fly safely curbside because Matt and I are gearing up to take off on our annual vacation with friends tomorrow bright and early. I miss the days where it was possible to go and sit with someone in the very uncomfortable vinyl chairs right at the gate and give them that one last hug right before they boarded the plane.

We had one wild week of so much fun and sun I would be in a blur if it was not for the photos. Someone once said something to the effect of “I love digital photos, they allow you to reminisce immediately” and that is what we have done all week. There were many times spent just the two of us to talk about life and family or friends, as well as many others completely surrounded by those same family and friends making new memories that we will no doubt laugh about for the next twenty years.

Man I miss her already.

But such is life across the great wide expanse of our wonderful nation and really there is nothing like that old cliché -- absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Because I am unable to format a rational thought to put it all together I will let the pictures do part of the talking for me this time.

Our first morning at the cottage, this little rascal was chomping away.

We went down to the beach to watch the huge thunder and lightning storm that was moving across the land somewhere down on The Cape and then out to sea. I took literally fifteen photos trying to get my third shot of lightning but to no avail. The clouds were cool but nothing was cooler than my company. W and Matt were naturals, like Abercrombie and Fitch models or something. Work it.

Mom, M & our nephews came down for an afternoon of fun in the sun and although the boys had never seen the ocean graze over their toes they were completely enthralled as I taught them about the undertow and why you should always face the waves as they break. They also loved to learn from W about the sandbar, what it was and how it formed. As I heard things only my Grampa used to say coming out of both of our mouths all day it really made me smile that we could pass it on to the next generation to learn about and respect the sea.

This is a pretty common sight, sorry about the screen.

Although the 4th is when the nation celebrates Independence Day, on our little mile long stretch of sand the real party happens on July 3rd every year. Since I can remember there have been bonfires and fireworks on the beach that night. Technically fireworks are not legal in Massachusetts but neither are bonfires on the beach yet a company hired by the town trucks in hundreds of pounds of unused palates and other wood to build thirty foot high teepee shaped piles that are primed and ready to burn at the end of each street. Never in all the times we have gone to this fiesta have there been that many people or that large a display. It was awesome.

Check out a video of the fireworks and fires.

On the 4th we cooked out with a bunch of family and then took a nice long walk down the beach. Then of course I had to pee because, well, that is just me so W and I went back to the house then back to the dunes to meet up with everyone. My legs are still feeling the burn. Or maybe that is from earlier that walk when I deluded myself into thinking that doing gymnastics on the beach after sixteen years was still a good idea.

Despite what I said earlier this was a week I will never forget.


High Desert Diva said...

Sounds like so much fun...all of it. Visiting with your sister, being at the beach, the bonfires, the fireworks...glad you had fun!

ginger said...

that rabbit is ginormous...are they all that big out there?

oh! and i find that i can get better lightning shots if i shoot a couple of minutes of video. then and i can keep rewinding and capturing stills of the video later. it's still hard, but i've actually gotten a couple that way.

it's good that you have so many people to share those moments with and have all that fun.


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Great post and great shots; hope you're next vaca is as enjoyable. I miss all of you, too. Love, Mum

Bridgete said...

Glad you had a great time.

With all my flying back and forth between coasts, I completely agree about missing the days of sitting together in the vinyl seats until it's time for the last hug before boarding the plane. I also miss when the person picking you up was standing right there as you got off the plane.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a wonderful time you had..happy memories..I have said this so many times, but when your with family, you can really be yourself and they know you inside/out...Beautiful pictures..Love the last one of you glad you were all together.

Suldog said...

Wow, I used to love the time I got to spend on The Cape, at my aunts and uncle's cottage, when I was a kid. Just adored it.

You brought some of that back to the front of my mind. Thank you.

Bree said...

On the sunset picture, I quite like the screen in the foreground! It gives texture and makes the photo interesting. Makes it more than just a pretty picture, you know? Turns it from a postcard to a vantage portrait.

And this post makes me want to go to the ocean SO MUCH!!!

*Bridgete: Yes, absolutely. I remember layovers being wonderful things if you had a friend in town, since they gave little chances to spend time with friends and family. Now they're just lonely times spent watching strangers to an iPod soundtrack.

Andrea said...

Great photos, sounds like an awesome time! And I like your short haircut, super cute!

pastrywitch said...

Why do you face the waves as they break? I've been to the ocean many times; the only thing I've heard about why you face the ocean was from someone who said "it's rude to turn your back on her. do it and she'll smack you down." Probably the spiritual explanation of some scientific reason.....
Glad you had fun :)

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Wow it sounds great. I had a pretty decent 4th too. And I'm missing it about as much! Great pics by the way :)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Hey all!
Back from vacation and completely swamped with work. lol. Guess that is what happens when working for one's self and taking that much time off :)

Ginger - Most bunnies are that big here, well at least the fat & happy beach bunnies. Hmmm, that is what I'd like to be...a beach bunny :)

Jim - Where did your family spend their time? We were South Shore, 3rd cliff kids in Scituate.

Kate - that is pretty much the exact reason! Especially for little guys like the nephews, a bigger than normal wave can come up behind & knock you over. If there is a rip current too you can get sucked out so it is always best to keep at least 1 eye on the ocean no matter what age. Ocean water is a very powerful force not to be ignored.

Thanks for all the compliments on the photos everyone :) Now it is back to the grind but I'll catch up with all of you soon!

Julie said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a good visit! I just got back late last night from visiting my family, including my sister. Granted, this wasn't a "non-event" visit, but we still got some good quality time together while prepping for our brother's graduation party. We've already decided that next summer we'll have to meet up there with a yard sale as our only event.

... I'm feelin' ya on the game of catch up too. Ick. I kept thinking I'd blog some while traveling, but it's hard to do while driving, and sleep is so tempting while riding.

Beautiful photos, by the way. :)

Chris Stone said...

Sounds like a fantastic time!

Something was lost when they didn't allow people to meet at the airport gate anymore. Makes me wonder about other nostaugia comments you hear. Like maybe I'm really missing things...

like an older fellow, a sculpting teacher now deceased, talking about walking through Central Park in the middle of the night in the 30's. So cool. but. not sure i want to go back to a pre-civil rights era!

Shea said...

you're a good writer