Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Moonlight brushes your smile
A simple touch
The rush
A surge
Laughter pulls on your eyes

You almost glimpse
A place I saved for you
I shield it
With a giggle and a smile

In a time of youth
I envisioned what would be


Palpable and complex
Spun into perfection

The smallest nuance
Plays on my mind
I squirm inside
Fruitless avoidance

Make it last
Eternity for an instant

The melody of life
Strange impediment

Across the page
Push this away
A rhythmic obstacle
From the start
We end



High Desert Diva said...

Very nice!

Bree said...

I like the imagery in this one, Jenn!

Bridgete said...

Yes, quite lovely. =)

Rosebud Collection said...

Lovely..Darn, your good..I can't write anything..lucky my blog doesn't take real work or I would be in serious trouble.

kim* said...

aw--- this is so sweet, boy girl crush.

Suldog said...

That's oddly compelling. I liked it, a lot.

(Don't quite know if I knew exactly where you were coming from - or going - but I assume the general tenor is what was important, and I certainly felt that.)

Judi FitzPatrick said...


ginger said...

"I envisioned what would be
You. Me."

......who can't identify with this? really! it's beautiful jenn!!

it's good to see you posting all of this prose. i'm enjoying it very much!

...what's that? i'm inspiring someone? that's weird, thanks though. you're so sweet :).....

Chris Stone said...

Enjoyed it! a very nice "melody of life"

Andrea said...

Very nice! I like the way you ended it.

Sahara said...

You wrote this? I'm impressed! Really impressed! I can't write anything!