Monday, June 30, 2008

Starry Night and Bright Sunshine Day

I have been wracking my brain to try to remember the last time my sister was here for a visit that counts. Typically her time in Boston is during the holiday season so there is never an opportunity for her to just relax since the running around to see everyone factor is at an all time high. Plus she is coming here from Arizona so a visit to Massachusetts in the dead middle of winter is probably not her idea of a super vacation; at least when it comes to the weather. There are people in the family that still say ‘Oh W is coming home for a visit’ but she has lived in Arizona for so long now Boston is no longer her home.

She was here last February but that does not count as a real visit because it was for my Grandpa’s funeral; although that trip was more of a party than any time she was here before it so maybe it should register as, at the least, a half vacation. Regardless of the fact that we rarely see each other there is no denying we are cut from the same cloth and even if I can not recall the last time we were in the same room, when we get together it is like we hang out every day. We spar with verbal wit and a dry sarcasm but it is never cynical, always with laughter and in good fun. God help whoever else is there because we will roll right over them if they are not quick enough to keep up.

Last night we picked her up at Logan (late because of delays due to weather) and despite our best efforts to come home and go right to bed, everyone, including my Mom who rode in with us just to surprise her, was up until well after midnight. After my mom left we attempted to go to bed but just like the forty five minutes it always takes us to say good bye on the phone, we could not seem to stop blabbing at each other. Even Matt, who had to get up at 5:30 to go to work this morning, did not seem to mind that it was after 1:00 in the morning when we finally crashed.

Since she is here in the summer for the first time in almost six years it is all about the beach this time around. W made the very strong declaration to everyone in the family that if you wanted to see her that is where she would be. With that being the case, I decided to take the week “off” and hang with her at the cottage because, again, I can not remember the last time we spent summer time at the beach together. Of course, for me, taking the week off means bringing the laptop with me and only writing (no paint jobs or sewing) and doing seven hour days instead of fourteen. I do plan however to leave the laptop at the house when we hit the beach since there is no way I will ever be that person.

Looking back through time there were so many moments where we bonded and it would be impossible to tell every story or post every photo but here are just a few. Please note our hair through the years is not to be judged.

At my grandparents house March 1990 before they sold it and moved to New Hampshire. Note the New Kids pin my sister has on. Note the ghetto gold earrings I am wearing. Yeah, were we gangsta or what?

HEC Spring Conference in April 1991. My hair got bigger, hers just got longer. Of course you know it was back in a French braid when we sang That’s What Friends Are For with the rest of us total dorks who were there in front of all the other total dorks who came from all over the country to party like they just got a free sewing machine. I mean after all this was the Home Economics Club conference. Yeah, Miracle Ear rocked the house.

Luckily no one can tell in this photo that we just spent about a half hour sobbing because this was the day she left to move to Arizona for good. January 1996. And she will never move back.

Even though we will probably never live in the same state again we are never far away.


Suldog said...

"I do plan however to leave the laptop at the house when we hit the beach since there is no way I will ever be that person."

Thank God! I can't imagine how insane you have to be to bring a computer to the beach.

Who did the artistic renderings? I like them.

Zo-Be Designs said...

Gotta love NKOTB! I was going to marry Jonathon....sigh.....

Walk in the Woods said...

"... a visit that counts ..."

I like that. A lot!


Judi FitzPatrick said...

What a great tribute to your sister and the relationship you have. It's something only sisters can truly understand. You both rock! (and thank Goddess you are not taking the laptop to the beach!)
Love ya, Mum

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Forgot to say I love what you did with the photos - really cool. L, M

ginger said...

you're a master with that photo editor!

my sister and her 2 sons are here visiting from michigan right now. i miss her so much and so love seeing them in the summers.

thank you for not taking your laptop to the beach, that would kill it...all that sand and salt.

High Desert Diva said...

Are you sure I can't comment on the hair?

Have a great week!

Bridgete said...

Even I, as a future lawyer, will never be that person. The beach is a sacred zone that must always remain laptop-free.

And yes, as Ginger said, the beach would not be kind to the inner workings of the laptop, either.

Really glad you're getting some good quality time with your sister. Soak it all up!

Chris Stone said...


Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Well although I am on now I am sitting in the cottage and other than maybe an hour tomorrow morning I plan to not be on for the next week or so. In many ways I say YIPPIE!!

Jim - I actually did both photos in Photoshop, glad you like :)

zo-be and walk thanks for stopping by! I love new visiors!

chris I will have to watch that when I'm back home, my laptop keeps crashing trying to open it. Can not wait I'm sure its hilarious!

Have a fantastic week everyone :)

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful blog and there is nothing better than family..They know all your ins and can always be yourself and not on guard..Have a wonderful time together..Happy 4th..