Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling Basic in a Twisted Sort of Way

For the past fifteen minutes or so I have been staring at a blank Word doc knowing I want to blog but with no idea what I want to say. So many things have been happening lately -- completing interviews for The Organic Mechanic, covering musicians on MySpace for eZine, being commissioned to create two tote bags (a pattern I created too!), helping two clients get organized in their offices, being asked to complete 3 painting jobs, setting up a new company press kit and the list goes on.

I recently told my mom that I would love to have dinner with her if I didn’t implode but in all fairness I would have it no other way because an idle mind collects much dust. Or something like that. Sadly a busy body does not collect much sleep since over the course of the last few weeks I have been known to wake up at three in the morning raring to go and come to the computer to send out interview requests. Luckily Matt is a heavy sleeper.

Even though there is so much going on, none of it seemed punchy enough for my blog and a while back I got tagged by The Mum and the Rose. I told her that I would come up with something creative and get it posted but in my daily insanity of living and working I admit to have forgotten all about it until today. The premise of this one is to share seven random facts about myself. I will yet again stress that I am not usually into tags because I tend to answer these questions with an ocean full of salt, not just a grain, but you asked for it so without further ado...

1. I eat everything small in multiples of two. Call it OCD or whatever but jellybeans, Fritos, blueberries and all other small foods must be put into my mouth so that there is one on each side when I chew.

2. Although I am very social and love to talk up an entire room, I really enjoy spending boat loads of time all by myself in complete silence. There are days I actually turn my phone off and close the windows to my apartment just so I do not have to hear anything going on outside my own head. Especially birds. On those days, birds are the single most annoying sound on the planet.

3. I once went to an open casting call for models and even though he did not exactly laugh at my clear delusion, he absolutely looked right over my head to the next girl standing directly behind me.

4. If it was practical, and I would not have been arrested for doing so, I would have been stalking Edward Norton since seeing him in 1998 both in Rounders and American History X. He is now going to be Mr. Huge Star for his role in The Incredible Hulk and gals everywhere will quickly discover what I have known for years; this guy is the man. I mean not only is he hot in a very boy-next-door kind of way but he freaking graduated from Yale so he actually has a brain and the guy has range which is more than I can say for a lot of actors out there. Case in point - what other actor has pulled off being a neo-Nazi skinhead and a Priest and portrayed both convincingly? The cherry on top? He is hugely into environmental activism. ::swoon:: Maybe he will let me interview him for the OM someday.

5. Clothes drive me crazy. Tugging at them and trying to get them to fit is never an easy task for someone who can not afford to hire a costume director to design clothes for my individual wardrobe on a daily basis. If I could live right on the equator at the ocean shore and wear nothing but a bikini and flip flops every day for the rest of my life I would never stop smiling. Plus my house could be a lot smaller without the need for all that closet space.

6. Fresh cilantro, basil and dill are three of the best flavors on the planet. Some days I actually find myself drooling for any of the above three. In a whole wheat wrap with cucumber, garlic roasted hummus and a few strips of turkey bacon I will put all 3 in to make the most awesome lunch ever. Yum.

7. I was born at 1:58 AM exactly six months from Christmas day. Sun sign of Cancer with Moon in Taurus which makes for a pretty interesting combo.


High Desert Diva said...

All very interesting. The eating in multiples of two especially.

Love the Weebee house!

Octavine Illustration said...

you are definitely going to have to fight me for edward norton. he's long been one of my boyfriends, so watch out my dear.

i love the fact that you hate to wear clothes. although i have a hankering for fashion, i too would just love to live perpetually in a bikini and flipflops.

oh, and congratulations on all your awesome projects (can't wait to see the totes)!~

Lost River Rags & CandleLights said...

I love the cardinal picture!

Caroline said...

I don't yet know how I feel about Edward Norton. I have a difficult time separating him from his less likable characters... he's so good at them. He's almost too convincing that way!

I only chew on one side of my mouth... I hadn't thought about it until I read this post. Hmm!

Bree said...

Two words: FIGHT CLUB

Anyone who missed Norton in that doesn't deserve to get in line now. ;)

See also: Christian Bale

Bridgete said...

I have to eat tic-tacs in pairs. Which led to the discovery that there is an even number in every box. I also have to eat many small things in even numbers, although it's not generally just twos. I tend to eat Goldfish crackers in groups of four. As for the chewing, I chew on one side of my mouth.

And, I have loved Edward Norton for many years as well. American History X is fabulous, I have not yet seen Rounders but I intend to now.

This looks like fun, I think I'll fill it out too.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I would like to ammend my post to include:

I actually would forgo the flip flops most days as well unless that beach sand was really too hot.

Edward Norton in Fight Club is one of the best performances I have ever witnessed on screen. He is convincing and that is what rocks about him as an actor. He doesn't just put on a "costume" and pretend, he becomes the character for a couple hours. Guess I should have just written the whole post on him, I could have easily done that lol.

Google Tiny house and you will find Tumbleweed. It is wild what they can jam pack into 100 some odd square feet! I want one for a vacation home to test that queen size bed in the loft theory :)

ginger said...

sorry i'm late.

edward norton = hot! i always knew he was dreamy, but i developed the stalkerrific tendencies when i saw him in death to smoochy, of all things. it was the 100% grade a dorkiness that got me. go figure.

i could dig on that wrap with some tempeh bacon in place of the turkey. i may have to try that.

i heart all of your quirks you've listed here...and i've been thinking about tote bags made by you too, spooky eh?

peace, love and all that jazz ~

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Another fun-filled post, thanks for sharing. Love the idea of living at a hot beach with not much need for clothing, but might miss wearing the wool sweaters once in a while. Love the little house idea, but might need two - one for work, one to live in. Little house at a hot beach - not such a bad retirement idea...hmm.
Peace, Judi

Rosebud Collection said...

You did a great job..I am so happy you took the time..I don't like tagging anyone, for fear they may get
annoyed..I knew you wouldn't let me down..All is very interesting..Cancer
is such a nice sign..they love the water..Cardinal is beautiful..Thank you for being such a good sport..I really appreciate it.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Death to Smoochy is WAY at the top of the list of my favorite of his performances because he eats soy dogs on gluten free buns and plays a guy named Sheldon. Plus who doesn't want to learn the jiggy ziggy? Friends come in all sizes...

Matt & I are already talking about doing 2 of those houses for bi-coastal living. Something larger for the west coast & smaller for the east but he is going to design it & we'll build from his specs :)

Glad I didn't let you down, it was tough coming up with these facts lol! That is me, Cancer the crab, fluid mother to the world :)

pastrywitch said...

Spooky - I'm Cancer with Taurus rising....moon is in Cancer too.
Bree - we don't talk about Fight Club! Gosh! Rule 1 & 2! What about Red Dragon - supersmart FBI profiler - not many actors can portray thinking and intuitive flashes. And he's hot.
Everybody now- "my stepdad isn't mean, he's just adjusting!"

Suldog said...

MY WIFE hates it when the birds are singing in the morning. She says they wake her up. On the other hand, I enjoy very much being awakened by the bird songs. I'm with you on the unplugging everything and just ignoring life thing, though. Sometimes the input just gets to be too much and you have to shut it off.

Chris Stone said...

there is one thing difficult about living in the tropics and not wearing much clothing. once i put on a dress that had no waist... was loose... just a skirtish gather at the bottom? all i had on underneath was undies. after slipping it on i looked down to see a large spider disappear under the bottom edge.

i didn't scream... i expelled air. i danced i jumped i ran. i have no idea what happened to that spider.

tho with just a bathing suit you wouldn't have to worry about that!