Friday, May 30, 2008


As someone who primarily works from home it is sometimes difficult to find a muse because there are fewer opportunities where I am forced to leave the house and locate stimulation of creativity that just does not exist in my beige carpet and white walls. Over the past week I have sold items from my online shop, wrote a new article on another MySpace musician that should be finalized and published within days, and completed a few new pieces to list online in the coming week. Not too shabby right? Sure all of those things are very exciting, even I will admit to that, but there is no spark in my days right now. I feel no rush of a thrill for doing what it is I love to do. I sit at my keyboard and mutter out loud to no one but myself “blah, blah, blah.” Even though there is no doubt of my busy factor, I feel like a drought has arrived just twenty one days after I boasted that it would never come. Awesome. Perhaps I need this for my brain.

Online surveys have been all over the place lately so not only did I respond to one the other day but shamefully posted it as a bulletin on MySpace just to try something new. Although I thought I could not go any lower, I seriously almost asked someone to tag me in order to have something to post on my blog. Luckily I got my head together enough to determine you all, my fine readers, deserve far more than that. You truly deserve to read something more fulfilling, deeper. I wanted to post something with meaning that would open up a little piece of my soul and let my readers into the part of my brain reserved for the most intimate situations where I use words like incumbent and profess my knowledge of complicated sounding wines like Montepulciano; truly convincing people I actually know what I am talking about.

But it’s all just a big pack of lies; I am nothing more than an illusion. And seriously, what kind of writer starts a sentence with the word but. Or And. Or or.

In an effort to get a little crazy I changed my profile picture (hold me back!) which is the cropped version of this AMAZING artwork I commissioned of Matt and me. In life I talk like a truck driver but in my written words rarely will you find a curse; they are only used to emphatically punctuate my feelings on a subject when I feel there is no other alternative than to include it. So when I tell all of you that Vic is the fucking best you should know that an immediate visit to her shop is in order.

Today the Sex and the City movie opened and tonight is going to be a super fun double feature for Matt and me. We haven’t been to the movies since very likely the last Lord of the Rings opened but tonight our goal is to see Indiana Jones and SATC in what will hopefully not force us to take a mortgage out just to pay for it. In an effort to save a few bucks we plan to arrive with our own snacks. Getting away with this bold of a task requires a lack of guilt and a really big bag. Done and done. I made a new tote bag the other day so I will be able to bring in a sweatshirt (since I always freeze in the movies) and buried within that sweatshirt will be our own snacks. Microwave kettle corn popped at home and placed in a Ziploc container, devil dogs and probably some other delicious snacks will all be smuggled in. Gee, I hope they do not frisk at the movie theaters now like at concerts.

Tomorrow evening we will get together with friends, perhaps play a little Rock Band, perhaps not but food and fun conversation will definitely be involved. Maybe after the end of the weekend the dam of my mind will burst and reveal that I am not as much of a parody as I proclaim to be.


Bridgete said...

Mmm...Montepulciano. =)

Saw SATC at a sneak preview last night, I enjoyed it. And as far as I know, they're not frisking for snacks yet. I actually had one of those insulated lunch bags hanging over my arm when I walked in. Didn't have any food in it, which they probably assumed since I had obviously just come from work - laptop bag and all. But they didn't KNOW I didn't have food in it, and they didn't check. So I think you'll be fine. =)

Rosebud Collection said...

Your blog was far as dry me that is normal. We can't be on top all the time.
Your bag is lovely..I would rather eat my own snacks in the theater any day..I did laugh out loud about your matter, it is what you are made of that counts..

High Desert Diva said...

Maybe it's the whole Mercury/retrograde thing, but I'm feeling the same way.

Hope you had a fun eve at the movies! I haven't done a double feature since I was a teenager! We saw Indiana Jones the other day...let me know what you think of it...

Love the new profile pic, and your bag is fab! Hope you were able to sneak in lots of goodies!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

1. Love the bag, perfect color combo for the anchor fabric with the brown and blue - love it.
2. Love the pic VCAD made for you; she is very talented.
3. Having a "dry spell" is indeed normal. Might be Mercury retrograde, but might have happened anyway. What good are the up times without the down times. It's all good, depending on your point of view.
4. Maybe an "artist date" with yourself is in order to help renew your soul?
5. EV brings snacks with her all the time. Can't eat theater food when you're a diabetic - the high glycemic factor makes it a "no no".

Keep up the writing, even if you don't like it or think it's of interest - we love it all.

Peace, Mum

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

So we tried to see the double feature but Friday we couldn't get in, Sat afternoon Indy was sold out so we settled on SATC & I almost wish we saw Indy instead. Readers Digest version of my impressions on it - just when you thought they couldn't make these 4 women more co-dependant they show you the way right there on screen. It was good don't get me wrong but i was disappointed with the fairy tale they tried to feed us all.

::End rant::

I think you gals are right about Mercury! Did not consider that before but makes sense, I always slump during that time & somehow missed that it was upon us.

No snacks were brought in I just couldn't deal with carrying the big bag after all lol.

Thanks for the prodding on everyone!

Octavine Illustration said...

we're a bit on the same creative cycle i feel. i spent the whole week painting and now cannot even imagine painting another stroke. so burned out am i. but you have inspired me my dear. for despite your lack of stimulus (i find this an ever-present problem as well as i too work from home) you have written a most lovely post that is now inspiring me to once again pick up that paintbrush (after i go see indiana jones!). thank you.

Chris Stone said...

Too funny! I'm experiencing a freakin' drought also... and figured I'd visit your blog and maybe you could jolt me out of it! I know what I want but it just ain't making sense right now.

Perhaps its the weather. Or a moon phase? Nice post!

Julie said...

Burnt out, I am, and behind my blogging as well. But (<-- no shame) on a positive note, your blogging about your creative dry spell has spurned the prompt for my next post.

As for movies, eh. I enjoy going to the movies, but really, I can't make myself pay for a ticket. For anything. Except for Harry Potter flicks. Anything else I'll catch when my best friend's husband buys the dvd for us to borrow. ;) Sorry to hear, though, that the double feature & super snack smuggling didn't happen this time.

Always good to read from ya. :)

ginger said...

hahaha!! glad i didn't tag you...that would've been cruel to your creativity, it's true. :)

that bag is perfect for snack smuggling! pretty too...when you do see indiana jones i'll be interested to read a review. you already read mine. lol! and thanks for the tiny rant about SATC, i was wondering about that one.

and as for the dry spell, i think we're all going through it. don't sweat it, i haven't written anything with any depth in what, over a month? (and it's really getting on my nerves) sometimes i think my groove is funkified because of outside influences and sometimes i wonder if i'm losing my creative edge. i've gone through them before, i always snap out of it. the desire to do the snapping is usually what prompts it.

hang in there, oh creative one...we're all with you.

Made by Melissa said...

Great blog. Figured I'd stop by since you always post your great items in my EtsyNJ promo thread.

I've found that its easier to sneak snacks in when you have a baby (not that its the only reason to have a baby! LOL!). I just hide things in the diaper bag and we are all good!

Bree said...

If you're sneaking food into a theater, the pullover hoodie is the way to go. Of course, we have a joke that the pullover hoodie is the unofficial uniform at the University I attend, so it's not unusual for people to have the contents of a small country in their front pockets. :D Then again, I also have friends who stick beer cans in their socks to get into theaters, so maybe my people are just weird. and very resourceful. OR BOTH

The portrait is darling, by the way...

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Loving all the movie theater bandit ideas, keep em coming!

Glad the drought is not just me but I will send out happy vibes that ALL of us relocate our creativity soon!!

Have an awesome rest of your week all!

Andrea said...

LOVE the bag! Where can I get one???

victoria said...

LOVE the bag! I sneak snacks too- mostly for my kids- otherwise I'd have to sell myself at the concession stand just for a pack of Good & Plenty. lol

Look at that hot couple on the beach!! ;)
What a sweetie you are to show it off-omg- I never blush- and I'm actually quite red at the moment.

I am SO excited because I am off to purchase ZINE #2! WOO HOO!

Andrea said...

So I just looked at your shop. Love your stuff! I plan on purchasing a couple of items soon! I too used to make jewelry and bags. We have a lot in common, maybe you're my long lost blog friend! lol

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks for the props on the bag! I really loved making that one :) It is a prototype of a style I'm working to improve & perfect before listing in the shop. Will let you know!

You deserve every word of praise Vic, I love our original drawing :)

Jewelry & bag makers who blog unite :~D

@ByHandGiveaways said...

I think everyone has dry spells! I can be so excited to do something and then when its time...the spark gets lost. I havnt been to the movies in a while, though not as long as lord of the rings! Hope you had fun =D



pastrywitch said...

Gorgeous bag! Well done on the food smuggling. My highpoint of smuggling was a burrito- bit of a challenge to eat in the dark, but so subversively satisfying :)