Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun and Frolic All Over Our Great Land

Before I even get into talking about all the groovy things that have happened this week I want to say thanks to the double N friends out there in bloglandia. You know who you are and you made me smile from ear to ear.


With that out of the way let us first discuss the awesome campaign that is spreading: We. We is an organization involved in the protection of our fine planet and advocates for change. I received an email from them a couple days ago but had never heard of the group before so, typical for me, started to do a little research on their website as well as Googling them to see what gives. Turns out, this is the campaign people! I am not always one for trends but this is not a passing fad, it is one We seriously need to address now so please check out their website, watch the video posted below, sign the petition today and then take action in your own home. Spread the word.

This past weekend Matt and I decided to take a nice walk around town to catch sight of the blooming flowers and trees as well as go and speak with the people who know things about fixing guitars. I bought an acoustic bass for him a few years ago after he spent an entire eighteen hour car ride telling me all about how he and his friend (who’s wedding we had just attended) used to play in his basement, how much fun they had and that he really missed doing it. Score for a Christmas present that year! That guitar sat dormant, longing to be played, ever since -- until about a month ago. When he took it out of the original shipping box he discovered the bridge & saddle had swelled away from the soundboard (probably due to shifting humidity levels in our random apartments) and a nice crack ran horizontal across it. Ouch. My advice? Buy a new guitar. He did not want to concede to the fact that it was toast so the second opinion was called in, thus our walk. Their advice? Buy a new guitar. The flowers on the way back did little to cheer him at first but by the time we got home he was talking about attaching a metal plate under the saddle and using this as a practice guitar. I say go for it; learn technique only on this one and buy a new guitar later to discover the fine art of tuning.

After writing about Bianchi’s on my last blog I was definitely inspired to tell the world about how awesome Revere Beach is so I put together a travel and leisure write up and submitted it to a website. Lo and behold I was informed yesterday that it was approved for publication and is now available to read online. A most exciting day indeed! The walk actually inspired me so much I think that will be the next T&L article submission to Ezine Articles.

Today I will end with a quote. This person is not a favorite of mine, in fact I never even heard of them until I searched for inspirational quotes. Regardless, take this and leave a positive mark on your world today.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.”
~ John Muir


Bridgete said...

Here's the site to make the South Park people. =)

create a character

Had a great time last night! Hope to see you again soon!

Julie Mc. said...

Thanks, you too! :) Julie

High Desert Diva said...

First off...CONGRATS! Yay to having your article accepted...write more!

Secondly, I am already a member of WE. Yay me!

Lastly, nice to see your mug!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks for the link Bridgete, I'm adding my cute girl to MySpace page now :)

thanks for the props C...just about finished with the next - ended up as get away to the parks in my hometown. Hey whatever works I guess lol! So glad to hear you already are a member of We!!!!!! Yeah the pic, it was high time :~P

be_brilliant said...

I had no idea guitars were so fragile. I've always had the idea that they last forever, unless brought above the head and smashed along an amp. Indeed we are driven by the clock and calendars...LAME. I think they are important for things like the remembering of birthdays or Christmas, but not to be lived by. Please share what you think is messed up about them.

Mary-Laure said...

I absolutely adore that quotation by John Muir. It's really amazing.
Your blog's title is also terrific!

victoria said...

Too cool- big congrats on your article!!! WOO HOOO!!!!! We want more MORE MORE. :)

ginger said...

oooohhh!!!! congrats to you and thanks for the award!

i have 3 more things to do this weekend now....check out We, your article (because you're brilliant!) and that south park people site. hah!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Amanda I will definitely consider that for a future blog...hmmm...taking guesses at the actual date & time is a great title!

Mary thanks for swinging by my blog :) I appreciate your comments! Hope to read more of yours soon too.

Vic I am hoping the Arlington article is approved next couple days (submitted & fingers crossed!) Hey I found a good pic of me & Matt I want to talk to you about a custom order but I'll convo you :)

Ginger you are going to spend 1/2 the day on the South Park site, it is too fun! Hope you enjoy the article too :) Thanks!!

You all rock!!!

Julie Mc. said...

Have a good weekend! Congrats on your article! ~ J

Chris Stone said...

Congratulations on the article!

Thanks for the tip about We... I'll pass it on....

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Wow, how did I miss this post? Didn't realize Matt's guitar was all messed up - sorry to hear that, hope the metal plate idea worked out.
Love the picture of the flower.
I have been getting email from We, so I guess I'm a member too, but I'll double check.
John Muir, who you have quoted, I believe is the namesake of the Muir Woods in California, just north of San Fran. He was a nature activist, I believe. It's a beautiful place, hope you get there someday.
Big hugs of peace, Mum

Sahara said...

Congratulations on the article! And I agree with everyone else, write more!! :D

I am definitely checking out this WE!

And love the pictures you posted!

Hope you have a happy weekend! :)