Monday, March 17, 2008

We Irish Lasses Call Today Amateur Day

When my sister and I were kids we loved to wake up on St. Patrick's Day morning because the Leprechauns would always come to our house the night before and turn the milk green. We had a ball drinking it on our cereal and it never occured to us then that green milk is not always a good thing. I will admit to being an amateur in far more areas than an expert, but growing up Irish means that there are certain inherant areas of expertise that come with the territory.

Talking. And talking, and talking, and talking. Trust me, we do not have to be drinking to be blabber mouths as the old cliche may have some believing. Just get us started on a subject and watch us go on forever. Most of the time we do not really care if the other person involved walks away while we are completing our thought, even if it takes a few hours. To really get me going, bring up why I think people over sixty five should have to take a driving road test every two years until age seventy when it moves to every year. Or perhaps the fact that music is censored on FM radio. All of you already know how I feel about Santa's Reindeer. Pretty much anything in between will do as well.

Passion. For good or bad it runs deep. This emotion can easily be turned to guilt, loyalty or love but in the end it is all just a fierceness buried so deep that it is almost impossible to control.

Story telling. We will do it with such a straight face and dead pan delivery it will be tough to tell if all the talking is just a bunch of BS. The fish really was this big.

Wit and timing. Go ahead, test me.

Tonight I will not be going out to take part in the festivities because I do not need the practice. Besides, my body is telling me I need sleep far more than a drink so two aspirin and a big bottle of water is how I will celebrate today.

I will leave you tonight with my favorite Irish quote:

May those who love us, love us; and those who don't love us may God turn their hearts; and if he can't turn their hearts may he turn their ankles so we will know them by the limping.


Chris Stone said...

You drank green milk... where's the Guiness! Great quote, btw.

@ByHandGiveaways said...

=D Love the quote!

Esma said...

Well, I didn't drink anything green yesterday, either. The only thing remotely St Pattysdayish that I did was put on green socks... and that was just by chance.

Love the quote :)

Bridgete said...

Those traits are very strong too. There's a small bit of Irish in me, filtered through generations of marriages with different cultures, but I still have most of those traits to a great degree - much more than the relatively small percentage of Irish heritage remaining would indicate.

Anyhow, I too did not go out last night. I'm only disappointed because it was my first one in Boston...but I was just plain exhausted. There will be other years. =)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't waking up to green milk almost more exciting than Easter? (Nothing is more exciting than Christmas when you're little) I too have fond memories of those mornings.
Like you, and the rest of our family I am blessed with the gift of gab. I kissed the Blarney Stone, but honestly I'm not sure it could have made a huge impact on my already overactive mouth!!
Sorry about the anonymous post I couldn't seem to get it toaccept my name. :-( Wendy

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Eew you know how many drunk idiots probably peed on that thing ;)

High Desert Diva said...

That quote!

Bree said...

....that's AWESOME!!!

ginger said...

you are awesome. i must confess though that i am deficient in the sense that i detest all holidays so the fact that i wore green underwear was a complete coincidence on st patty's day. i could go on a rant that would just serve as a big, fat downer to everyone as a matter of fact...i won't though, because you are awesome...i mentioned that already, i know.

i'm really interested in the scrabble board though.

High Desert Diva said...

Waiting to find out what the Irish lasses call Easter...

draagonfly said...

Wow - green milk? The leprechauns never did that for us and I'm Irish! WTF?! Little bastards!

This year's Green Day didn't go as I had planned. I totally forgot to wear green to work, I was force-fed bagpipe music all day (hello! bagpipes are SCOTTISH!), and I never drank a drop. I did, however, change into my Flogging Molly tee as soon as I got home and it would seem my daughter did all my drinking for me, and I managed to avoid getting pinched (for not wearing green) so I guess overall it went ok. haha

Hope you're having fun in Maryland!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Wow, great post. Didn't realize how much you & D both liked the green milk thing - warms a mother's heart. Nifty quote!
Hope work is going well; check out my blog for my latest update on my new job.
Peace and love, Mum
P.S. I forgot to wear green on the 17th, but I guess you don't have to if you're already Irish!

victoria said...

Wonderful post, lassy!! As a kid, my mother always blamed my temper on being Irish. :) These days I just blame the hubby.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks for all the fun comments everyone! Internet comes down in our old house today (like right after I post this) and is up in our new apartment Monday afternoon so I will be getting to everyone's updates then as well as posting an update from the MD experience (photos of before & after too!) and our move. That is if my fingers don't fall off after brushing about 500 linear feet of trim & picking up dressers all day today. Glad everyone had a fun St. Pat's!

Char - we call Easter Ham Sunday ;)

Chat soon, I miss reading your blogs!!!

~ Jenn