Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Season Is Emerging

Winter is winding down here as the day time high temperature does not tend to fall below forty. Although forty is not exactly pleasant it does signify spring since technically it is above freezing, but try to tell that to my fingers. Surviving a New England winter with all your digits intact is a marvelous feat to achieve and I can proudly say that I made it another year with the original twenty. Birds come out to sing and sunrise comes earlier with our newly adopted, but not yet used to, “spring forward”. The cold and raw of winter is just one of two seasons here in New England and as of this week I noticed the second has begun to bloom – road construction.

Now that the snow is almost melted and gone there are suddenly bursts of orange and white at every turn. The bright shade is enough to take notice of; it is hard not to since lovely signs, cones, barrels and neon billboards containing nothing more than arrows force us to redefine our morning commute route. The exciting part is they might end up anywhere at any time and the spontaneity of it all is half the fun. Since worksites can shift daily the drive taken yesterday that took twenty minutes may be well over an hour today. I will no longer mind the delay however as a new member of our family is synching with birth even as I type.

Fluffy, sadly, had the disease known as the white screen of death, although the Apple store guy admitted he had never heard it called that before it was not a sad Mac so I felt that was the next best description. Fluffy lost its battle with joint compound dust and glaze and even though it can never truly be replaced, I decided today to adopt a new track killer called Oreo. The most beautiful thing of all is that Fluffy was only fourteen months old so Apple just became my new best friend because they honored the warranty even though they did not have to and sent me home with Oreo free of charge. That is how the universe pays back in a big way! You rock my world Apple! Here is a picture of Oreo I took during birth. Maybe I am biased because its mine and all but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that is cuter.

Another way I am discovering that the universe pays back is through sheer luck. If there had not been road construction on the way home from Apple I may have arrived too early to see this beautiful sight.

I am quickly discovering that a smile, good attitude and some timing really makes the day a whole lot smoother. Well, that and an alternate route.


Julie said...

Congratulations on your newest addition! ;)

Being from PA originally, I am quite familiar with the seasons of the Northeast: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Construction. (I don't miss it!)

For the record, our bigger munckin refers to such a moon as a "ban'na moon," which, in turn, makes me smile every time.

Chris Stone said...

Yeah I filled my birdbath today and am afraid it'll freeze tonight... but its too cold to do anything about it!
Ya gotta love the construction season... I hit a lake of a pothole today and barely made it to the opposite shore.

victoria said...

AW! Oreo IS the cutest! Congratulations! Candy cigars all around.

YEP- construction season- sadly ours never ends. I'm sick of the orange cones and blinking merge signs. Road construction AND building construction here every day all year. Our city bird is The Crane (construction):)

LOVE the sky smile!

Bridgete said...

There are more seasons here than in Portland, OR. I actually noticed "fall" before it started snowing, which is when I decided it had become "winter." Maybe I just noticed because there are more trees that change here. In Oregon we have a lot of evergreens. Anyway...the two seasons in Portland were summer and rain.

But yes. It is warming up here. I'm happy.

High Desert Diva said...

I'm glad you can find joy in alternative construction routes. (There's a lesson in there for me, I'm sure...)

What the hell is an Oreo? (besides of course, a cookie) I'm technically challenged...spell it out s l o w l y for me

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Thanks for the welcome to the new member of the family all, I'll pass around that love & those cigars to my little Oreo and perhaps can extend the time we have to spend together this time.

My favorite Diva - Oreo is my new i P o d. Fluffy was the old one which died a couple weeks ago :) Yes, I am so much of a dork that I name my gadgets lol.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

I'm a grandma again - yeah! Guess you won't need to borrow that CD/MP3 thingy after all.

Love the smiling moon; as all the spiritual gurus say accepting the "now" is the important thing and look how you got to take advantage of that.

Big hugs and peace, Mum

Julie said...

...And I was all excited that "jason" had posted on your blog... ;)

sigh for spam.

jason said...

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Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Oh well Julie, I guess this Jason is just as mysterious since the profile isn't available.

Hey jason...why do you indicate that you USED TO make $900 extra per month? If I was making that kind of sweet cash every month I don't think it would turn into "I was making about $900 extra a month...". Was indicates past tense to me. If you decide to spam me again why not clear that up first, you know why you would try to get me to join when you are no longer doing it yourself. Thanks.

PS One message will do next time.