Saturday, March 1, 2008

In Like A Lion-ess

Another fun filled week of scary ladder placement in order to get tape and glaze to the ceiling line means another few nights at Hotel Auntie. I think there might have been at least one night spent at Villa de Mom as well but last week was such a blur that I barely remember my name let alone what bed I slept in when. In the old days of college that would have been something to brag about but now it is just exhausting. Come to think of it, waking up in strange beds was fairly exhausting back then as well but since I was only in my twenties my body did not seem to scream at me as much. Maybe it was all the booze. Or the sex. Either way, it is clear it is time to move again.

While at Hotel Auntie we watched a movie that I probably should have seen by this point in my life, Blazing Saddles. I am not generally a fan of Mel Brooks movies, mostly because I am not a 12 year old boy and because I find it difficult to channel that part of my personality for half naked women jokes but I have to admit most of the movie was really funny. The premise (for the one other person in the world like me who has not yet seen it) consists of the old west and a bunch of white men enslaving a bunch of black men to construct the railroad. When they hit quicksand the track needs to divert in a direction right through the middle of a town and somewhere in there one of the black dudes hits one of the white dudes in the head with a shovel. Instead of hanging him, they decide to send him to that town to become its new sheriff, thinking that it will all work itself out naturally and that little town will be history in no time, opening up the railroad possibility. Since it is a Mel Brooks production you can imagine this is where the hilarity ensues.

After the movie was over we were talking politics because nothing follows up a Mel Brooks movie like discussing the fate of our nation. Who will do a better job of running the country? Who is the least likely candidate to bomb other nations for no good reason? Who is the least experienced? Auntie made a point to mention that Obama’s lack of political experience scares her, wondering if it would become an issue when he is dealing with other nations. I just said hey, we all saw how it worked out for the sheriff so I think we’d be all good. Nothing stops a political discussion faster than proving your point through comedic timing.

March has now descended upon us and no matter what Punxsutawney Phil decided I wanted so desperately to believe that spring would come sooner than those six weeks. Last night however the snow and rain moved in yet again and here we are racking up the record snowfall in another place I have lived. Everyone has told me I am not allowed to move to San Diego due to the potential ramifications but I look at it from another angle. Personally I think this is fate’s way of whispering “get out” when I walk down the stairs to the dark basement. Those idiots in horror movies usually stand around paralyzed with fear and always end up a bloody mess later. When I hear that little voice in the shadows I am running my ass off in the other direction thanks. All this snow is just the axe murder pushing me towards the door.


High Desert Diva said...

I find it curious that everyone keeps bringing up Obama's lack of experience. Who does have experience? Second termers? Has anything good ever come of that?

San Diego is definitely calling you.
Go west young Jenn, go west.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I know what you mean, sometimes I think a fresh new perspective might be just what the country (& maybe me too) ordered! Of course I am not officially endorsing any of the candidates at this time, still need more information before I go there but I will say of all 3 front runners he is the best public speaker (IMO).

Bridgete said...

I haven't seen Blazing Saddles. There, you found the one other person. =) Although I do like Mel Brooks movies. I just haven't seen it because people keep assuming I have seen it since I do like his movies so no one ever sits down to watch it with me.

As for San Diego...the snow won't follow you there. I agree, the snow is just nature's way of telling you that you're ready for a sunny place.

Julie said...

*high fives to bridgete & Jenn* I'm still among the last people on earth not to have seen Blazing Saddles.

Jenn, if San Diego is where you're supposed to be, git on over there! If you do somehow manage to bring the snow, it will be a rare treat! ;)

Bonghi Vestiti said...

Great blog!!
As for Politics...I do follow it closely..and do my homework..I've made my mind up and I thank God we live in a nation where we have a choice.

haha..diva tells you to "Go West"...Horrace Greeley,who said "Go West young man"...he was a cousin to my great grandma! My claim to fame I guess..hehe

Esma said...

Yeah, San Diego does sound pretty good right now... I can't take much more of this cold weather, either.

I have to admit, I do enjoy Mel Brooks for some mindless laughs. Blazing Saddles is a good one.

victoria said...

San Diego IS calling you, Jenn...
it's BEST out West- not a snowflake in site! It was 75 degrees today where I'm at....out west! :)

Chris Stone said...

This winter has been tough. San Diego always sounds good in February and March... well... it sounds good anytime really.

I went to hear Obama... it was fun. The mix of people in the crowd was wonderful. I like your Blazing Saddles analogy... I'll check that movie out!

ginger said...

hah! i was just talking to my mom today about obama and she made the same comment about his experience....if only i'd just watched blazing saddles. i've seen it, but i don't remember that much about it.

i was also talking about moving to san diego today...spooky...and my sister told me it gets really hot (i can't stand the heat) and proceeded to sell me on san fransisco. i'm a big believer in going where you're being pulled and if you really feel like you should be in san diego then you should go.

as usual jenn, beautifully written. i do enjoy your posts.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I am so glad that so many of us had not seen the movie before, the family was trying to make it seem like EVERYONE in the world had seen it but me lol!

Thanks for the high fives & the nudges toward the southwest. Matt & I actually discussed this a lot over the weekend...details to follow!

Just FYI for Ginger...downtown & the vicinity immediately surrounding downtown really never gets above 75 but never really drops below 45 (in extreme cases) so your friend must be talking about inland a bit...25 miles inland (somewhere like Hemet for example) can get up to 115 in the summer...

HollywoodFix said...

I have not seen Blazing Saddles either, so thanks for the explination. :D

And I agree with the whole Obama thing. He is the best public speaker, but I am not too into politics at this time in my life, but I know that no matter what, this election is going to change history. Either we will have a woman president, God forbid it be Clinton... She annoys me, or it will be the first black president. I think he's more of a mocha colour, but, I don't have room to talk.

And yes, new avatar is meself. A photo I took with my new-ish hair.

Keep a look for my new blog. It should happen soon. :]


P.S. If you want to go to San Diego mom, just go. It's beautiful there. Perfect weather.

draagonfly said...

I vaguely remember trying to watch Blazing Saddles for the very reason that I hadn't seen it and everyone else in the world had (almost everyone apparently!). I am completely impressed that you watched it long enough to retain the plot, and humbly grateful that you shared it here so I no longer have to wonder if I made a mistake that fateful night. If memory serves me (not that it's reliable) I turned it off in the first 15 minutes because I was losing IQ points the longer I watched it. (My apologies to those who enjoy Mel Brooks. Sometimes without notice I turn into the person I expect to be when I'm 70 and riddled with arthritis. Quantum leap or something I guess.)

If there were a Mel Brooks movie where Obama hits Bush on the head with a shovel, I'd pay to see that twice, and LIKE it.

It started warming up down NYC way this week. We made it to the 50s! Boston can't be far behind. :) Hang in there.

Dharma Designs said...

I haven't seen Blazing Saddles yet myself - might have to check it out now. I love your humor and writing style! :-)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Jenn, great writing, as always. Not sure I've seen Blazing Saddles either - will have to rent it soon.
draagonfly - love your movie idea!
As for SD, Jenn, you know how I feel - go for what you want, you'll only regret what you don't do.
Love ya, Mum