Friday, February 22, 2008


For the first time in a very long time I watched a bunch of television this past week. I now remember why I try not to, other than Lost there is not much of any merit and my brain ends up a barren waste of space after staring at that glittery box for so many hours. While watching I saw the trailer for a new show called Quarterlife and I became upset knowing I have been using a similar catch phrase for years. In that spirit, here are some of the phrases I frequently use and what their meanings are to me. Feel free to use any of these you like but if you make money off of it I am going to track you down.

Lost in a prior learning experience – Generally used in reference to random music that I once had but some ex stole from me when we were over. I replace a lot of those albums but there are some that are far too attached to an individual person and it is just too painful to listen to it again. This always makes me sad because I love music so much and giving it up takes a little bit of my soul away. That knowledge gives me the motivation to never associate Jason Mraz music with anyone.

Betty – During the past few years I have heard this used to describe hot women. The Urban Dictionary says “The term Betty refers to a hot chick. One that is attractive, stylish and self confident. A Betty is typically a looker.” In the early 90’s I worked at Victoria’s Secret and back then we used to refer to the panty and bra mannequins as Bettys. Anyone who has shopped at Vicky’s knows these mannequins are anything but attractive, stylish or hot. It comforts me inside to know us crazy gals started a lyrical revolution with one word.

Have we met? – When someone asks me a question that should likely be rhetorical this tends to be my response. For example: Question “Are you hungry?” My response “Have we met?”

Is it 70 degrees? – When the answer is no then no, I am not going to be warm.

Frig yeah! – Happiness is indescribable.

Blow me – I am pretty disappointed with the current situation.

Quarter life crisis – When a person reaches a certain age, say mid to late twenties, they suddenly realize their life is not where or what they thought it would be. This could spring up due to some of the following reasons: An invitation to a high school reunion arrives, a final friend’s wedding comes and goes, everyone starts having babies, the final payment of student loans is mailed and the automatic salary increase causes the person to think of purchasing something big like a house or a BMW. Getting a handle on this fact can cause one of two things to happen. Either the person deals with it or decides to rebel against whatever oppression they think they are facing. The settlers conclude that eventually many people give up their teenage ideal of bucking the establishment and conform to whatever box society thinks they should be placed in. The ones in crisis are still trying to rebel against the man. These people are referred to as Artists. A quarter life crisis can last as long as seventy five years. I predict the show will last about six episodes.


ginger said...

hahaha!!! okay, here are some gingerism's...

ginormous: a hybrid of gigantic and enormous. this has actually been added to the 2008 dictionary, i think webster's. i swear my friends and i started this.

are you new here?: i use this when you use 'have we met?' i like yours a lot. thanks for the permission to use it, i promise to make no profit, as i haven't off of ginormous...should the dictionary have gotten my permission?

hangin' out, bein' cool and livin' the dream: my response to the opening line of "how are you?" it gets a better reaction than the typical "fine."

and the latest....fysterical: hybrid of frigging and hysterical. try it, it's good.

okay, i'm done. i just want to say that i completely agree with you about the music and you are very wise to take steps to prevent that from happening with the Mraz-Man. (that's his super hero name i just gave him).

i'm tired, does it show? good night.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I am SO stealing fysterical because it IS lol!

Mraz is definitely my own personal super hero...well a lyrical one anyway

Thanks for sharing your own isms Ginger! :)

High Desert Diva said...

Jenn...I convo'd you today, but then Etsy crashed so who knows what happened to everything.

Thanks for checkin' in...I'm back!

Bridgete said...

Yes. Never associate Mraz with a person. Although I did associate a song with a crush once...but when the crush has crashed there's not enough hurt to ruin the song, so it's okay.

Also, one Bridgete-ism I have is "balls." Just as a general exclamation, sort of as a replacement for swearing. I swear my best friend and I started this, but I've been hearing it used more. In fact I think Mraz wrote in a blog that he uses it too, and I'm sure he didn't hear it from me or her. Hmm.

draagonfly said...

Collective mind is amazing, isn't it? There are several things I've thought I started only to hear it repeated back to me later and claimed as someone else's.

That whole neon fad in the 80s? I asked my parents to buy me neon shoelaces originally made for joggers WAY before all that stuff started. I remember my friends in school saying how cool they were and where did I get them? Suddenly, everyone is decked out in neon. I was just trying to be different.

Printable post it notes? I figured out how to print on post its years before 3M thought to make them an official product. I even considered selling the idea to them but didn't know how to do it (I was like, 20 I think). Seems someone else thought of it anyway.

"For Fu--'s Sake" I'm sure I came up with that one day when I couldn't find an appropriate curse strong enough to display my disgust with a situation, so I combined a couple. Mraz blogged that it's a British thing. I'd never heard anyone else say it until he mentioned that.

A smellebration: what happens to your nose when you walk by Yankee Candle or The Body Shop in the mall, or right after your man emerges from showering, freshly doused in your favorite aftershave and deodorant.

I hear ya on keeping Mraz separate from relationships. I'd hate to lose any of his music like that!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Bridgete - Excellent ism! If blow me ever gets old I may just steal balls

Trac - smellebration is exactly what I am feeling when I pass by a most delicious restaurant but never had a word for it before, thanks for that!

On Mraz...If 5/20 doesn't hurry up & get here I am going to start acting like I'm riding the H-train from new music least 3/11 (Randy Jackson's new production) & 3/18 (We Sing EP) are right around the corner! YEA!

Chris Stone said...

frack and fugly are my only 2 contributions... I particularly like frak.

also peeworm. hehehehe

fun list!

Julie said...

I actually had a glossary of my Julisms on my website (which recently went kaput). Here is a sampling of my isms...

Here's the deal: ok, so it's not special. The thing is, I say it too much & my 3-yr-old now says it regularly, which is a riot. He's such a negotiator. Now my husband & friends tease me by using it intentionally in conversation with me.

crudmuffin, fudgecookie, fudgecicle and asscheese: my general expletives; the last one usually refers to a person, such as the jerk who just cut me off.

Peoria &/or never-neverland: synonymous with "BFE"; middle of nowhere; usually where my car is parked.

gumby bear: a green gummy bear. Unfortunately, this doesn't get much use, but it's important to note that they're my favorite.

leather: queer, usually in the "odd" sense of the word. (it has to do with the french translation of leather.)

son of a pa: Shoot; derived from "son of a..." and the French "ça ne va pas."

ghettofantabulous: stolen from a friend of mine, it generally refers to something that's wonderfully ghetto. like my car.

I do the "have we met?" thing occasionally, though not enough to be an ism.

I'm afraid Mraz-Man would have to do something terribly horrible as a person in order for his music to be ruined for me. I haven't really associated any of his stuff with anyone, but they do invoke daydreams of the man himself. DH has caught on to that, I think, and has started --get this, he rocks -- playing a Mraz tune on his phone when he walks in from work & dancing with me in the kitchen. :D

(Holy crow, this post got long.)