Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Up, Up & Away

Upon leaving the house this morning to buy milk I saw this at the end of the street.

There has been a lot of activity at this house recently, mostly large piles of sand being moved out toward the seawall. When the large beams arrived about two weeks ago it became clear this is what they were going to do but to actually see it in action made me say holy crap out loud to myself in the car.

Since it is actually 45 degrees today and not raining or snowing for the first time in a couple weeks my curiosity got the better of me and I had to walk up to see what was going on, after putting the milk away of course. I chatted for a minute or two with the crew who are obviously used to the type of gaping mouth reaction that was on my face. The foreman said ‘there is an entire family living in there still.’ And I answered back by asking where the ropes are that allow them to repel out the side. He said they are one ‘extreme family’. Of course I chuckled but shook my head anyway as I noticed there were actually a couple guys under the house working.

Not on my best day would you catch me underneath a house supported by nothing more than iron beams and wood planks, that somewhat resemble games of Jenga, balancing on sand.

It occurred to me as I walked the beach that I should have asked what they were planning to do here. Were they crazy enough to pour a foundation only twenty five some odd feet from the water’s edge? Are they going up on stilts to avoid water in the house from all the nor-easters? Or was it just that they felt dwarfed by all the other three story megalomansions that have seemed to spawn in this quiet little beach community over the past few years? No matter what their reasoning it sure will be fun to watch them lower this baby back down onto whatever ends up underneath it. Let’s just hope the crew is long gone by then.


HollywoodFix said...

Oh my, seeing that house makes me smile. And that phobia in my last blog was actually about the fear of forgetting, at least that is what I was aiming for. It is complicated at the moment. I am writing a new one, Autophobia: fear of being alone. I am glad you learn new things whilst reading my blog.

High Desert Diva said...

I'm with way would I be under that house!

My cousin Rodney, with his degree in English Literature, moves houses for a living. A few years ago he moved the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oregon...from Wilsonville to Silverton. A distance of 40 miles or so. It took days traveling down the freeway at 5 mph or so...The home is now on display (museum-like) at The Oregon Garden.